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Hello travelers! Your development team from Genshin Impact is here and today we would like to show you something about the version 2.5 update “During the Sakura Blossom” which will go live on February 16th! Yae Miko finally joins the roster of playable characters. Her quest of legend and the sequel to Shougun Raiden’s quest of legend will also be available, revealing the past that connects the two and Inazuma for hundreds of years. Meanwhile, the darkness of unknown origin has finally afflicted Enkanomiya. Help Kokomi find out the truth!

In addition to the adventures we have prepared, you can also create your own minigame! Check out the As of a Divine Hand promotion, create your own sphere, or try those created by others!

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Dispel the darkness haunting Enkanomiya

Some seasoned travelers may have already set foot in Enkanomiya, left behind thousands of years ago. In the latest action, Road Sacrifice Ritual of the Three Worlds, an area based on Enkanomiya but haunted by an unknown darkness will challenge you with brand new gameplay. And we have a few tips for you.

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Unlike your previous experiences in Enkanomiya, you must rediscover the area of ​​action in the dark and face the corrosive effects of this mysterious darkness. To banish the darkness, you will receive a device called the Bokuso Box. Please note that the Corrosive Darkness accumulates over time, gradually draining the box’s energy and your ability to defeat certain monsters. You can recover on a statue to remove the accumulated corrosion and recharge the Bokuso box. At the same time, you need to upgrade your caste to explore more areas with better resistance and abilities.

Offer the sigils of the light world, obtained by opening chests, unlocking teleportation points and completing exploration objectives, to the statues in the action area to upgrade your Bokuso box. You can activate special Bokuso Secret Techniques with the Light World Cores found in Luxurious Chests.

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Dangerous enemies approach even in the dark. The new enemies Shell of Darkness come in three types: Guard, Standard, and Formation Destroyer. And each type has different weapons, elements and abilities. For example, if a Guard hits a shielded figure, it creates shields for itself and nearby members of the Dark Shell.

More fun, surprises and a variety of rewards await you this season, including Primal Rock and the new 4-Star Catalyst Eye of Pledge. The promotion will last the whole version 2.5, so take your time to enjoy the adventure!

The Fox and the Shougun

If you are interested in the leading ladies of Inazuma, version 2.5 offers you a great opportunity to have a wonderful time with Yae Miko, Shougun Raiden and Sangonomiya Kokomi.

New 5-Star character Yae Miko has made her debut in the Inazuma main story as the chief maiden of the Grand Narukami Shrine. Her elegant and beautiful appearance belies her intelligent, cunning and difficult to read personality. But you, the Traveler, piqued her curiosity, and now you have a chance to learn more about her in Yae Miko’s legend quest Divina Vulpes.

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With a catalyst and the Electro power, Yae Miko can deal both continuous damage while idle in the squad and special ability damage. Miko’s elemental ability causes her to move quickly, leaving behind a Sesshou Sakura that periodically strikes nearby enemies with lightning. Miko’s special ability unseals all nearby Sesshou Sakura, destroying their outer form and turning them into tenko lightning bolts that plummet from the sky. With her passive talent, each Sesshou Sakura destroyed by her signature ability resets her elemental ability cooldown. Also, you can see her glowing foxtails when she casts her special ability!

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Before proceeding with the Yae Miko legend quest, you must complete the new chapter of the Shougun Raiden legend quest: “Imperatrix Umbrosa” – Act II. The Shougun Raiden legend quest is closely linked to the story and Archon quest in Inazuma. Meanwhile, you must also defeat a fearsome new adversary, distinguished by his looks and abilities.

If you want Yae Miko, Shougun Raiden, and Sangonomiya Kokomi in your party, their Action Prayers will also be available soon. Yae Miko will be included in the first Action Prayer, followed by Shougun Raiden and Sangonomiya Kokomi in the later phase of the update.

Create your own game

In version 2.5 you can also flex your creative muscles: make your own drinks and spheres! In the action “Sip of a tipsy dream” you can mix different drinks as the host in Diluc’s tavern and serve them to familiar faces.

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Another action “As if created by a divine hand” invites you to design your own individual sphere. Publish your design and let other travelers try it.

Our 2.5 preview is over for now and we hope you enjoy this update. We look forward to seeing you later with version 2.6 and the Great Rift!


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