Genshin Impact Version 2.4 – Big Celebrations and a Mysterious Territory Coming to Teyvat with the New Year!

Greetings, travelers! It is a great honor for me and the entire development team to present version 2.4 of Genshin Impact Introducing “Fleeting Colors in Flight”, the first update of the year 2022, which will be released on January 5th. As the new year approaches in the world of Teyvat, we would like to invite you to Liyue’s lantern ritual. Join Shenhe, Yun Jin, and our old friends to rebuild the Jade Chest and earn awesome rewards, including 10 Pieces of Interwoven Fate and a free 4-star Liyue figurine.

To make the game even more exciting, a new realm lies beneath the still waters around Watatsumi. Sealed for thousands of years, the now awakened Enkanomiya calls for a hero.

Reconstruction and cheers during the lantern ritual

As the largest annual festival of Liyue, the lantern ritual is a time when people come together to remember the fallen and to welcome the future with their best wishes. On the big day of the festivities, the night sky of the port is lit by thousands of lanterns being let fly by every household, followed by a grand fireworks display.

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The bustling streets of Liyue will once again be lined with vendors, stalls and a range of new festive activities for hungry visitors. You can try out how to skillfully create your own fireworks, or you can take part in the popular lantern puzzles.

In addition to the big celebrations, the jade chamber is being rebuilt at the same time. This magnificent floating palace had been destroyed to defeat the ancient god and sea monster Osial during the previous archon mission. While Ningguang and many others are busy rebuilding the jade chamber, you too can help to recover lost objects. Some can be salvaged with the wave rider, while others need to be rescued from the treasure robbers. You can hunt elite treasure robbers ashore in their camps or attack their transport balloons at sea.

Visit the people of Liyue

Among those who are rebuilding the jade chamber, you will meet our new characters Shenhe and Yun Jin and many old friends in Liyue. Some will also get a new look with the upcoming update.

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Our new 5-star character Shenhe, who is often mistakenly mistaken for an adept, actually comes from a family of exorcists. However, from a young age Shenhe was raised as an adept disciple by the princess of still clouds and calm winds, completely ignorant of worldly affairs and worldly wisdom. In combat, Shenhe has cryo-power and a polearm. She can summon a talisman spirit and provide powerful support to increase the troop’s damage. Both Shenhe’s elemental ability and special ability can help your squad deal more cryo-damage. With their elemental ability and passive talent, you can also increase the damage done with elemental or special abilities of all troop members nearby, or their damage done with standard attacks, heavy blows and attacks from the fall.

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Our next new character, Yun Jin, is a 4-star geo-powered character who uses a polearm and can be of great help to those who prefer standard attacks. With her elemental ability, she can protect herself with a shield and charge for a stronger blow. Her special ability deals area geographic damage and grants all nearby troop members the “Flying Clouds Formation” effect, which increases their standard attack based on Yunjin’s defense. The bonus effect of the formation of the flying clouds can be increased even further if you have several Divine Eyes with different powers in your troop. In order to better highlight Yun Jin as a master of opera, we invited the Beijing Opera artist Yang Yang to perform her singing on stage, together with excellent voice actors in various languages ​​who perform their speaking lines in everyday life.

Shenhe and Yun Jin will be available in the first action prayer, at the same time as Xiao’s action prayer. Zhongli and Ganyu will each have their own prayer of action in the later phase of version 2.4. To recruit more figures from Liyue, you must meet certain requirements during the lantern ritual and receive one of the eight 4-star figures from Liyue, including Yun Jin, for free.

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In addition, Ningguang’s new clothing, the “orchid evening dress”, can be obtained free of charge during the lantern ritual. Keqing’s new clothing, Luscious Splendor, is being offered for sale with a limited discount available at the same time.

Unveil the secrets of Enkanomiya

Travelers who have visited Watatsumi may have heard of an underwater kingdom that was sealed thousands of years ago. Legend has it that the ancestors of the Watatsumi people lived there before settling high above the sea and following the example of Orobashi, the serpentine god who was later killed on Yashiori. With the shrine maid Tsuyuko, you can get the key to the moonlit depths and explore the remains of an ancient civilization that is much older than most of the relics you can find on the surface.

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In contrast to all the other islands in Inazuma, Enkanomiya drifts deep below the surface of the sea on an island. Although it is on Teyvat, the depth of Enkanomiya is somehow disconnected from this world and is constantly haunted by the abyss. Without sunlight, there was no day or night on Enkanomiya until an ancient civilization emerged. She illuminated the dark depths with the Dainichi Mikoshi, a man-made sun, with advanced technology and the help of Orobashi.

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Genshin Impact Version 2.4 - Big Celebrations and a Mysterious Territory Coming to Teyvat with the New Year! 14

Clues to lost civilization can be found in the abandoned library, shrines, laboratory, and remains of the city. As you advance into the depths of Enkanomiya, switching between day and night with the Dainichi Mikoshi is the key to many puzzles. In the meantime, watch out for deep-sea dragon lizards and the new member of the Abyssal Singers as you explore this area. Deep-sea dragon lizards are extremely dangerous predators that live in dark water. The members of the pack hunt together and can make use of their surroundings in battle. The Abyssalinger – Abyssal Flames can perform pyro attacks that deal explosive damage after a short delay and ignore shields.

Optimizations and more

Before we wrap up the release of version 2.4, we’d like to inform you that we’ve made further improvements to Genshin Impact’s console performance. With version 2.4 you can now customize the quick access wheel of your gamepad.

Since version 2.3 we have also introduced a new technology that enables softer shadows in the hope of making visual perception and immersion in the game world more lifelike. Soft shadows provide important clues as to the distance between objects and become softer and blurred as the object is further away from the object casting the shadow. For example, if the sunlight hits the floor at an angle through the door frame, the darker shadow of the frame will become softer and more blurred the further it extends towards the end. And the distant tree in the distance casts an even more blurred shadow on the ground.

Last but not least, we would like to express our deepest thanks to all those who accompanied us in the lantern ritual last year, as well as the new travelers in the world of Teyvat. We look forward to another year of exciting adventures with each and every one of you!


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