PlayStation Plus Games October 2021 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 – Magazine

Fall gaming is fast approaching, and Christmas treats are already inviting sugar rush fans to build up some winter flab to protect themselves from the cold. The leaves on the trees are turning brown and the increasing wind is blowing them about. So that must be the start of October 2021. And at the beginning of autumn, PS Plus subscribers will again get an exclusive title for the PS5 and two other titles that can be played on Lastgen and Currentgen thanks to backward compatibility. This month we’ll be shooting, boxing and golfing.

Hell Let Loose (PS5)

Hell Let Loose pits 50v50 players against each other in online first-person shooter skirmishes set in World War II scenario. And this isn’t Battlefield or Call of Duty! Because it relies more on realism and thanks to the support of the Dual Sense Controller, the weapons also give real haptic feedback. With ten maps and two different game modes, you fight in squads of six for supremacy on the extensive maps. Team play and coordination among each other is particularly important here in order to get the best out of the 14 different classes and to successfully take the 99 checkpoints on the map. The Unreal Engine is once again convincing as a graphics engine in the PS5 debut. So off to the trenches!

Mortal Kombat X (PS4)

Mortal Kombat X is already a few years old and was released as a cross-gen title for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Owners of a PlayStation 5 can of course also play it thanks to backwards compatibility. That would make it almost playable on as many console generations as GTA V. You will probably have a lot more fun with this game than with the recently rather moderately successful cinema film, because the expansive cutscenes of Mortal Kombat X are still impressive today . Friends of brute martial arts action who don’t shy away from a good portion of blood and innards will get their money’s worth in the tenth part of the long-lived Beat ’em Up series. fatality included.

PGA Tour 2K1 (PS4)

As soon as the weather outside gets worse, friends of good weather like me are driven back inside. Then why not move the sport from the outdoors to the virtual indoors? This month, PlayStation gamers get a chance to hit the green with PGA Tour 2K1. Included is not only the official PGA Tour license including well-known courses and golf experts, but also an extensive multiplayer component and a character editor. This was also brought to the fore in the PS4 launch trailer, when none other than shooter McGavin himself ventured into the competition online. This character was the antagonist to Adam Sandler’s character in the movie Happy Gilmore back in 1996. Damn cool and to this day very funny and wacky flick. In contrast to the film, you cannot beat up fellow players or spectators in PGA Tour 2K1, but friends of virtual golf will definitely get their money’s worth here.


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