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Happy new gaming year 2022! The turn of the year naturally brings new games to PlayStation Plus subscribers. January is very varied, with driving fun, a JRPG and online co-op fun with dwarfs. What exactly is there? This will follow over the course of the next three sections.

Persona 5 Strikers (PS4)

Persona 5 Strikers, the spinoff to Persona 5, turns a fun summer vacation with friends into an RPG action adventure. The new game mechanics around the phantom thieves are partly reminiscent of Dynasty Warriors. At the same time, Strikers offers a real story continuation for series connoisseurs with well-known but new characters. The real-time battles can be paused if desired and, if desired, inclined players can delve deeper into the combo system. Of course, the creative boss opponents can also be seen again, as is typical of the series. For fans of Persona and JRPGs in general, Persona 5 Strikers is definitely worth a look.

Dirt 5 (PS4, PS5)

Dirt 5, also known as a representative of “Auto Makes Bum Bum”. Or to be more precise, a racing game in the sport genre of rally driving. At least if you look at the origins of the series. Dirt 5 actually has more to offer. Couch co-op for up to four players at the same time on one console, different vehicle classes and racing experiences. Of course, drift races are just as important as races on board particularly light and fast buggies. The whole thing is garnished with the opportunity to create your own routes and share them online with the community. A festival for lead feet, which was worth a great rating in the test.

Deep Rock Galactic (PS4, PS5)

Who hasn’t dreamed of gutting planets as a kind of space gnome and experiencing great online co-op fun at the same time? Right! We all have! So it is all the more gratifying that the PlayStation launch of Deep Rock Galactic means that the co-op space fun will now also land directly on the PlayStation Plus subscription. The PC version and the Xbox version have very positive mid-80s ratings on Metacritic. So off into space! Brought a few friends over and off you go first-person down into the deep procedural-generated caves full of valuable resources. And nasty alien monsters who want to make it difficult for your dwarf troop to earn fame and fortune.

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