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The mothers and fathers of this world always say that you shouldn’t waste so much time gambling, but you can also achieve something as a gamer. Martin Fornleitner from Austria, for example, did it and holds the Minecraft world record and is even in the “Guinness Book of Records”. He gambled for a whole 24 hours and 10 minutes and it could have been even more. You can find out how this record came about here. We spoke to Martin Fornleitner.

Hello Martin. How does it feel to get up every morning as a Guinness World Record holder and discover the certificate on the wall? Shouldn’t your parents be very proud of you?

It feels exactly like not being a (*cough* double *cough*) world record holder. It was interesting one day after the record attempt, which I mastered. Everything felt so unreal back then. – Especially when a bunch of kids approached me on the street and wanted an autograph.

How did this crazy record come about and when did you first come into contact with Minecraft and what does the game mean to you?

Back in 2011 there was still the great – The only true and best video game magazine in Austria (which was also successful in Germany under the name In any case, Sony (Ericsson), together with the publisher, Radio Energy and Facebook, was looking for four participants who should try to gamble on the (then new) XPeria Play over 24 hours. – We were free to choose and since I already had some Minecraft experience at the time and the other three games weren’t interesting enough for me, I was happy to be the first to choose. – Minecraft means more TODAY than it did then. It was just a game back then, although I loved the creative freedom even then. Today, of course, things look different because I can associate a lot with it now.

Did you prepare specifically for the record attempt? I can imagine that tiredness in particular is a problem?

My wife and I didn’t have any children back then, so we were able to play a little Minecraft together on the PC/MAC the weekend before the record attempt, and we spent more than 15 hours together. – Although that’s completely different than playing the game on a small 4-inch device with mini-buttons.

How would you describe that? How does a record attempt like this work?

In that case, Sony-Ericsson really put a lot of effort into it. A glass container containing four racing chairs was set up in the Prater (a year-round funfair and tourist attraction in Vienna). There was also a place for a visitor who was interested in trying out the XPeria Play for 5-10 minutes in the container and a notary was always present. We were filmed the whole 24 hours and 10 minutes. Once frontally all together and then everyone had a camera above his head, which filmed the game, which was also displayed on a large screen outside for spectators. – Every 60 minutes you fought for a 5-minute break, which you could also collect, and so it happened that I had played through 6 hours and had a break quota of 30 minutes. – A nice cushion that gave you security. – Unfortunately, after 24 hours and 10 minutes and a total of 3 or 4 toilet breaks, there were technical problems, which is why the record had to be broken. – I think we could have easily added another 12 hours. In any case, in addition to a certificate from Guinness, we also received two versions of the new XPeria Play smartphone.


Were you able to watch Minecraft at all afterwards, or did you just keep playing on the way home?

Oh well. I didn’t play it again in the pocket version until it came out for the iPhone. A year later my wife and I bought the XBOX 360 version and currently I enjoy playing the Vita and PS4 versions. I have Guinness to thank for the fact that I now enjoy playing games again, because the people from England approached me again in May 2014 and told me that I not only beat the record for continuous gaming, but also for playing Minecraft back then. In June 2014, three extremely talented and super nice people flew in from London and organized a great photo shoot at my house. My “new” record can currently be found in the Guinness Gaming Book 2015, as well as in the upcoming 2016 ledger.

What do you do when you’re not playing Minecraft?

I am primarily one thing – a family man. My wife and I had our second child (a girl) in October 2014 and this keeps us busy along with our 2 year old son. – When I don’t “have to” be a dad, I work a lot. – But now come the points that you are particularly waiting for. I’m a passionate video game fan and collector, I like to gamble (although less recently) and I have a lot to do my own project up and running. – I’ve been doing this for a few years, started with a YouTube channel and blog posts, and have now set up a team of three who write pre- and reviews with me, podcast, conduct interviews, make videos and keep the community alive. – At this point a big thank you to Michi, Clemens, my wife Lydia, my children and of course to all our partners (Nintendo, Ubisoft, Sony, Microsoft, Sproing and whatever they are called).

You can find the record by Martin Fornleitner and other world records related to video games in the “Guinness World Records 2015 – Games Edition“. You can order the book at Guinness World Records official website as a paperback or as an e-book.

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