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Flynn’s Arcade, there was something there. Real nerds should ring when you hear the name. In the Tron films, both the original from 1982 and the sequel Tron Legacy from 2010, an arcade with the same name was the central location. Now a shop with the same name has opened on Zülpicher Strasse in Cologne. In addition to slot machines, there are also hamburgers, corn dogs, selected lemonades and craft beer. I like beer, hamburgers and retro games, so go there.

Coming from the Kölner Ringen and the Zülpicher Platz stop, the shop is located just before the Süd train station on the right-hand side. If you know the area, you know that there is a lot going on. Surrounded by numerous bars and clubs, the young party people let off steam there, especially on weekends, and the entire street is closed to cars and trams due to the crowds during carnival.

Wait and gamble

There are burger shops like sand on the sea in Cologne. Some are really good and institutions such as Fette Kuh in Südstadt or Beef Brothers on Rudolfplatz now want to jump on the burger hype. If you want to gain a foothold in this hard-fought place, you need a good location on the one hand and a convincing concept on the other.

In the case of Flynn’s Arcade, there’s a good chance that both will fit. As already mentioned, Zülpicher Strasse is a focal point for student party people and apart from the seats there is a kind of waiting area with six arcade machines that have been carted to Cologne from all over Europe. They can be played free of charge while waiting for the food you have ordered. Numerous games are offered here, which can be selected in the main menu. From Pac-Man to Street Fighter 2 to Ghouls `n Ghosts you will find numerous classics that you would expect in an arcade or that you know from back then. The ambience is right, although I would have liked a few more neon lights and 80s charm. In several corners you can find references to video games, such as the oversized Super Mario on the wall or the menu on the tube TVs at the counter in the classic high score design. According to owner Ibrahim Kistak, the concept was copied from Barcode in the USA and further developed. So there may be later tournaments for certain games in the store.

Burgers, corn dogs and beer

1643162410 567 Flynns Arcade in Cologne retro games burgers and beerEven if the machines have already inspired me, the culinary quality is at least as important. The burger prices vary between 6.90 euros for the “Classic Arcadeburger” and up to 9.60 euros for the “Texas Beef Bacon Chili Cheese Massacre”. The names of the dishes also contain video game references such as Super Mario, Frogger or Double Dragon. In addition to burgers, there are also corn dogs, fries or homemade chips. To wash it down, you can also choose from various craft beers, selected lemonade such as the cult fizzy Jarritos from Mexico or ordinary water.

Of course I had to try the Texas Massacre Burger and the homemade chips. As a burger lover who has already eaten his way through numerous burger shops in Cologne, I have to say that Flynns Burger is in no way inferior to the established shops. The meat was fried nicely medium, well seasoned and the bun tastes neither sticky nor too dry. The prices are not low, but are within normal limits. The homemade chips also tasted great, even if some of them weren’t quite crispy and were still slightly soft.

I’ll be back

1643162410 257 Flynns Arcade in Cologne retro games burgers and beerFor my part I will definitely come back. I like the concept and unfortunately you don’t get to enjoy old arcade machines that often anymore. The burgers taste good and even if they are not very cheap. The free rounds of Street Fighter 2, Pac-Man and Co. more than make up for that. Oh and by the way, if you want to go for a drink after a burger and a few rounds at the machine, you only have to walk a few corners to the eSports bar Meltdown. Perhaps both Flynn’s Arcade and Meltdown are potential destinations for stranded and unfamiliar gamers during Gamescom.

Flynn’s Arcade Cologne
Zulpicher Strasse 46
50674 Cologne
link to google maps


Unfortunately, the concept doesn’t seem to have worked out. The shop is now closed and no longer exists.


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