G2 Lothar highlights double Yoru Gatecrash line-up in VALORANT

G2 Lothar discovered a new double Yoru Gatecrash line-up on Ascent, allowing VALORANT players to teleport to the defender’s spawn before teleporting to the B site. 

Yoru recently received a substantial rework, turning the struggling duelist into a more viable option. Players have found new ways to effectively use his revamped abilities, including line-ups for his Gatecrash ability. G2 Lothar found a way to use the Gatecrash ability twice to teleport around the map while confusing the enemy team on Ascent. 

The first line-up can be used to reach the defender’s spawn from mid at the start of the round. Players can send the Gatecrash ability through mid, which stops in the far right corner of the defender’s spawn area. This can allow Yoru players to get behind enemies with ease or, at the very least, confuse the defenders. 

Once players teleport to the spawn area, they can immediately use a second line-up that sends the Gatecrash ability deep into the B site. Players can teleport to the B site before the enemy team realizes what is happening, making it hard to counter. 

This strategy can easily overwhelm an enemy team, especially if the rest of the attackers push into other areas. For example, a team can push through mid, forcing players from B to rotate to help, while Yoru immediately teleports to the B site to capitalize on the confusion.

This tactic is risky since players can hear the Gatecrash ability and destroy it. Yoru is also exposed in the defender’s spawn for a few seconds as the second Gatecrash travels toward the B site, meaning players will have to fight to survive. But this play can easily confuse a team at least once and result in an easy round win if everything works out. 

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src: https://dotesports.com/valorant/news/g2-lothar-highlights-double-yoru-gatecrash-line-up-in-valorant

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