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A simple Fix Wiring minigame, Among Us style.
I made this script a while ago for my server to make a direct connection when stealing a vehicle, everyone loved the idea and this minigame can be used in several ways.

This minigame is not my own, what I did was simply convert it to work on fivem.
Original author by Louis Hoebregts (Codeopen Fix Wiring: https://codepen.io/Mamboleoo/pen/NWrBoep).

The minigame is completely STANDALONE, just call an event with the necessary configuration and the minigame will open.


How to use

The minigame has an event with CallBack Function, that is, when calling the event, it will only execute the event function if the minigame is successfully completed.

Just call this event in other scripts and use your creativity.
This is a client-side event.

TriggerEvent("Mx::StartMinigameElectricCircuit", x, y, scale, size_game, sound_name, function()
	print(">>>>>>  Success  <<<<<<")


  • x = position on screen
  • y = position on screen
  • scale = game size in scale (example: 1.0 normal)
  • size_game = game size in vmin
  • sound_name = audio name + format (example: 1.ogg)

Minigame Audio

  • You can set any minigame ending audio, just take the audio and put it in the sounds folder and set it in the event


  • ESC = Close the minigame
  • Backspace = Closes the minigame

Update 1.0

  • Added 7 variations of wire connections

FREERelease Fix Wiring STANDALONE Releases

Download on Github

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Among Us vibes. Love it. Thanks!

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I’m very glad you liked it :grinning:

Does it randomize the wire paths everytime ?

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Unfortunately no, it’s always the same path of the wires, and yes, I think it’s possible to do random, I’ll see that later

No problem, If it could be random i would 100% use this but without that function it makes it hard to implement as people would have the path cracked in a few seconds with muscle memory. Great resource however!

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somone can explain how connect this with as example esx_repairkit?

Great minigame for an electrician job. Thanks!

Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/free-release-fix-wiring-standalone/4864403

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