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Hey everyone,
today i wanna show you my Visum System. It saves the Playtime through database and can be showed Ingame. Also you have Visum Level. Every 2 hours you get up a Visum Level and it can also be showed ingame. Its very customizable and you could for example make rewards for specific Levels.
Facts: Customizable notification, Customizable Visum requirement, 0.00ms of course.
Github Link:GitHub – JanKeo/VS_Visumsystem: This Script will save your Playtime and Visum Level through Database. Every 2 hours you get up a Visum level. The Performance of this script is 0.00ms of course.If you need a custom design Message on Discord:!Jan1Ke2#6502. Or if you need any free or if its more complex paid custom script also write me on Discord.
Thank you for reading!


The preview in english please. :rofl:
Grüße an die Englischlehrerin


why don’t you calculate the difference between the time when joining and the time when leaving?

in your way, a DB entry must be recorded every second per user, otherwise only 2 per session.

SQL should be able to handle this, but it is a heavy traffic waste.

Otherwise nice release, nice to see something free.

Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/free-visumsystem/4876573

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