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Hello !
I removed the sales signs in mirror park on my server since it’s kind of ackward to have huge sale signs in front of some houses my players bought. I thought it might be useful/helpful to someone else too so if you want to use it go ahead and enjoy Just add it to you ressource folder and add ensure nosalesigns to you server.cfg

** Can’t remove the big Wolf’s sale sign

**Might enter in conflict with other mappings/mlo if you have some around the area.

nosalesigns.rar (143.9 KB)


Can you provide some screenshots before and after?

Wasn’t this released a few years ago???

There’s already an old resource doing the same. But it does not remove everything.
Do anybody have a completed version? [of the whole map – even paleto]

Kind of hard to since it’s scattered signs around mirror park in front of almost each houses but i can take some snapshots

thats possible, i don’t know if its the one i tried but it didnt remove anything for me so … :woman_shrugging: Anyway this is free if people wanna use it good, if not, good. It’s not like i’m trying to claim that i invented the wheel or something lmao. I just modified the map around mirror park for my own needs since i didnt find anything working out properly and decided to share.

That would be quite touchy to do if you have any MLO around your server that already modifies the map, they could possiblity enter in conflict with each others

Don’t know why it didnt work for you :joy: , it worked perfect for us. I did use that as a base to remove all the other signs across the whole map.

I tried to do this also, but the actual map part of this area has those signs built in, didn’t know enough to open them in blender and cut them out or similar.

you can yeet collisions using codewalker but yeah, a lot easier in blender or 3DS Max

Love this! Are you able to do one for the big large green ones in the same area?

Nope ! i tried to remove them too but it was impossible :frowning:

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What you could do is reskin it to like, a lore friendly sign, ie “VOTE CRIMSON 4 MAYOR”.:thinking:

Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/free-no-more-sales-signs-in-mirror-park/4876629

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