[Free] ESX Blackout – Releases

A simple script to terrify the city.
Also good for planned robberies to switch off the alarm systems.
It can be started with the item bmode.
In the “client/main.lua” line 22 the time can be set how long the blackout runs.
Works from version 2189-2545


| Code is accessible | Yes
| Subscription-based | No
| Lines (approximately) | 40
| Requirements | es_extended
| Support | Yes

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Hey, you should upload the resource itself instead of a zip file. I think it’s against the rules to do that but I could be wrong.

Also, why make this rely on esx? I have to imagine it’s just using a native, using a command and making an event to trigger it seems way easier, but I guess very slightly less useful.

Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/free-esx-blackout/4877008

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