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Our Tebex: Tebex
Our Dev Server: Connect

FiveM best optimized standalone aiming perspective changer allows you to change the aiming camera after entering the command /perspecitve.

Enitre script is for free!

In config file you can change default perspective, command string, using identifier and link your system of notifications.

Whole script is OPEN SOURCE

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 80
Requirements None
Support Yes


why the preview is a multi character?


Sorry, we’re changing it!

Awesome, asked for a change and it was done the same evening! <3

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Why not just put this on GitHub?

This is on my github, but we wanted to add it to tebex to tally up stats, downloads, etc. If anyone really cares, this can be downloaded from my github (GitHub – Malizniak/DevCloud_Perspective: Fivem best optimized shooting Perspective changer.)

Why do you use a database and don’t just use KVP? Seems pretty unnecessary to create another database when a simple KVP functionality could do the job just as well

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We started working on this project a good few months ago, at that time this option was not yet available, but indeed, as of today a much better option is to save it in KVP. We will be releasing updates soon!

Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/free-aiming-perspective-changer-standalone/4882184

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