Regarding the “Los Santos Tuners” DLC – FiveM Announcements

Persevering with on the idea of the previous bulletins concerning DLC updates, right here’s one other one for the Los Santos Tuners launch for GTAO subsequent Tuesday.

What we have now

Currently, build 1604, 2060 and 2189 are all functional. In addition to that, build 2189 was supported in a record 1 day (Merge branch ‘feature/port-to-2189’ into master-pub · citizenfx/[email protected] · GitHub – the identical day because the replace launched, with precise community game performance following 3 days later in tweak(shared): more reliable game build switching + 2189 support · citizenfx/[email protected] · GitHub).

What we’re planning

Future game platform stuff

With the V next-gen update for PC only releasing in February 2022 or later, not much can be said about this. Portable game support (FiveM mobile) is still pending ‘someone having time to work on it’, where the same goes for using the same technology for Linux support and/or OneCoreUAP support such as Xbox SystemOS with dev unlock.

Sadly, Apple blocked JIT on iOS again, so no iOS port any time soon. :frowning:

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