[ PAID ] MERCEDES X-CLASS [ Call Sign System | FD – EMS – Lifeguard ] [ NON ELS ] – Releases

This guy is making my life a living dream.

I got this beautiful car and people are already jealous of it haha. Thank you bro, it’s great!

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Frankly, you have always been by my side while producing many cars. You’ve been my client since beta.

Thanks to your requests, QCustom has gotten to where it is now. Jealous people may be jealous of you, not the car If it weren’t for you, an ems car for Mercedes X Class would never have been produced right now.

In addition, thank you for all your support :fire: As QCustom, we will always work to produce better together.

Thank you :heart:

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No thank YOU for delivering awesome cars and be so kind with your community. And so accessible. I’m so happy you made this car for me and I hope a lot of people will get it, it’s handy, fast, strong and pretty.

Thank you, and here’s to many more cars!

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Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/paid-mercedes-x-class-call-sign-system-fd-ems-lifeguard-non-els/4864027

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