FiveM update – May 5th/6th, 2017 – FiveM Releases

We have released new updates to our production branch. This includes mainly fixes and internal improvements, and one new feature.

  •  citizen:server:net: http handler
  •  server impl component
  •  server working up to the initial handshake
  •  clean up GameServer
  •  add intel tbb submodule
  •  working fxserver handshake!
  •  optimization and fixes
  •  client->SendData()
  •  resource system bringup
  •  fix current-manager issues
  • the above stuff is for the new server, to be released in the future
  •  update CitizenFX.Core.dll
  • now you can dynamically add/remove BaseScript instances
  •  code commits
  • the .NET changes
  •  update natives.lua
  • for the font natives
  •  font natives, backend
  •  fix ZLIB_2 error for .gfx files
  • Now, you can load .gfx files from the server!
  •  natives for fonts
  • See below for details.
  •  fix use of uninitialized rscFlags
  • Part of the above .gfx fix.
  •  current manager in ResetResources
  • Fixes a crash on exit.
  •  crashometry
  • This taught us that the top crashes are caused by joining multiple servers in a row.
  •  steam: old steam isn't used anymore, remove
  • tl;dr: valve changed something, so your in-mod was called ‘1’ or blank
  •  corert: safe NtClose hook
  • no more crashes with Comodo! on to the next one.
  •  resources: don't load resources above 16 MB
  • because people seem to forget.
  •  resources: extra MakeCurrent calls
  • es_turfwars should work again
  •  add editorconfig file
  •  change indentation
  • uh, dev stuff?
  •  gitlab ci: don't cache vendor
  • builds took too long
  •  launcher: load dinput8.dll from system
  • why did it load asi loaders? no idea
  •  launcher: remove manifested dpi-awareness
  •  launcher: set DPI-awareness for main process
  • fixes Problem: Mouse won’t move a certain way right, or down – thanks to @Joe_Barbarino for reporting this

Two new natives. They’re for adding fonts for use by text draw commands.

How to add fonts

  1. Convert your .ttf to a .swf. You can use swfmill ( to do this:

    swfmill simple in.xml out.swf

  2. Convert the .swf to .gfx. You need gfxexport.exe for this. We can not tell you where to get this, as it’s illegal to spread – find it on Google.

    gfxexport out.swf

  3. Put out.gfx in a stream/ folder in a resource, perhaps rename it.

  4. Call RegisterFontFile and RegisterFontId from a client script.

  5. Use the registered ID in SetTextFont, instead of one of the game’s built-in IDs.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?>

<movie version="8" width="320" height="240" framerate="12">
      <font id="Fira Sans" import="fs.ttf" name="Fira Sans"/>


local fontId

    RegisterFontFile('out') -- the name of your .gfx, without .gfx
    fontId = RegisterFontId('Fira Sans') -- the name from the .xml

    while true do
        AddTextComponentString('Hello, world!')
        EndTextCommandDisplayText(0.5, 0.5)

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