FiveM Progress Report – January 2019 – FiveM Announcements

Another status update, and yes we missed the December one. Too much unorganized stuff happening to remember.

  • We reached new peaks with the current one standing at 22.13k concurrent players, and 116k+ daily active users on that day (our Matomo server is slightly overloaded, we think it drops events; not sure).

Here’s quick recap of notable things that happened on the GitHub repository. You can always follow it to check what’s changed early!

  • Fix some issues with Linux server builds, and introduce other ones due to more library support issues.
  • Implement and finish up resource file database so that you shouldn’t have to ‘delete server cache’ anymore, even if modifying files with different modified times.
  • Build typing packages for TypeScript automatically. (@citizenfx/client and @citizenfx/server)
  • Attempts at using changed UDP network binding libraries to improve network reliability, for both OneSync and non-OneSync. Neither worked so far due to flaws in each library. :confused:
  • Add Discord identifier. See separate announcement.
  • A number of OneSync bug fixes and feature improvements.
  • Make server list faster and update servers dynamically.
  • Update game to build 1604, and fix issues introduced due to R* changes.
  • A number of bug fixes.
  • Fix Steam breaking because of Valve changes.
  • Implement UDP for Mumble VoIP. Still not completely working, somehow people get TCP control channel hanging.
  • Attempt new main UI design, not very usable or done. Should set tone for future changes.
  • Work on FiveM2 project, see Wekan column for plans as usual. Not sorted on priority, just lot of dreams and ideas. FiveM2 (better name pending), internally called FXv2, is a new incompatible set of resource changes to improve quality of servers running on FiveM that make use of FXv2 resources. Old resources will remain compatible as usual, however porting resources to FXv2 will provide considerable benefits.
    • Considerably improved Lua native invocation performance using popular microbenchmark:
      (see code below)
      Internal unfinished changes increase performance even further to 20ms for fxv2test-lua. Test was committed on AMD 1700X at stock freq with 2133 MHz RAM. Performance may differ on different hardware.
    • Please don’t use fxmanifest.lua yet, there will be many more breaking changes to improve resources!


local PlayerPedId = PlayerPedId
local DrawRect = DrawRect

    while true do
        for i = 1, 100000 do
            local ped = PlayerPedId()
            DrawRect(0.5, 0.5, 0.25, 0.25, 255, 0, 255, 255)
  • Lots of deliberation on results from survey, how to implement certain things, most unfinished or not sure how yet.
  • Many testing on script performance improvement for bad scripts, but no real effect.
  • New rules for #development:releases! Yay!
  • People haven’t had much time for doing anything else, or maybe forgot, too much stuff other than project on mind. Remember, the team is doing this as side project.

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