FiveM Progress Report – February 2019 – FiveM Announcements

Another month done, another day where recollection is at an all-time low and therefore we have to scrape together memories of whatever has been worked on.

  • Reached 23k concurrency peak. Not much more yet.
  • Improved mitigation against common abuse methods, including such commonly known as “File Swapper/Cache Decrypter”, a new “ScriptHook Bypass”, and others.
  • Added key deactivation thing to keymaster.
  • Improved messaging for game bans.
  • Swapped around a few servers so that CnL should not go down as often during peak load.
  • Update the web server list.
  • Add logging to server backend for auditing abusers.
  • Some scripting fixes for .NET.
    • AppDomain assembly resolution changes for base paths on server.
    • Reduce overhead of calling Tick on client by ~200µs+ by removing AppDomain remoting.
  • Apparently dark theme UI was added this month! And server tags! Yay!
    • Also this neat tiny resource counter and player counter and server detail styling fixes mmm…
  • WIP reconnection logic.
    • Not-really-working-as-expected-yet handling for ENet timeouts. This is the “Reconnecting to server” you might see.
    • Rejoining of RAGE session in cases where a non-OneSync server ends up with a ‘split session’. Seemingly has some odd issues so far.
  • Steam broke again. We fixed. Yay. Or so.
  • Something involving URLEncoding resource filenames to maybe fix issues Win7 people were having with spaces in filenames.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • Fixing Mumble reconnection for 1s.
  • A bunch of 1s server crash fixes.
  • Merging community pull requests! Thanks.
  • Fixing a Windows 7 crash on 1s Mumble.
  • Experimental aria2 based resource downloading subsystem. To test, place Aria2’s aria2c.exe in FiveM bin/ directory. We’re not able to redistribute it with FiveM according to its license, so this might stay that way for a while. It’s really fast, though – especially on the LC server!
  • Advanced debug tooling to generate IDA symbol-based .pdb files for GTA5.exe/FiveM_GTAProcess.exe. This should improve dump debugging for laymen, and allows for more detailed ETW traces of game code.
  • Fix OneSync client disconnection at times.
  • Add storymode command to main FiveM exe which loads singleplayer. This time you can actually play the prologue, and the save game directory is in C:UsersUSERNAMESaved GamesCitizenFXGTA5 now.
  • A few tiny other performance fixes, mostly for 1s.
  • Fix a crash when connecting to game servers if Steam was in a weird state.
  • Attempted work on some FXv2 features. Most didn’t end up working correctly.
    • Script time budgeting didn’t really work nor help, also lacking support in Lua runtime.
    • Asynchronous script ticks caused even more issues and didn’t improve performance by much (~10 FPS more on bad servers) at cost of lots of deadlocks, crashes and text drawing issues.
    • Water quad extension. This apparently has a crash that needs to be triaged and fixed.
    • Some refactor of event triggers. Didn’t work as it made no sense logically.
  • Work on 1s array handlers (required for sticky bombs, dispatch, etc.). Didn’t end up working correctly yet, needs more debugging.
  • Support for ‘Story’ and ‘Mods’ tabs in cfx-ui. Backing code for a prototype of these does exist, funnily.
  • Debugged issues caused by fwMapDataContents flags being missing, didn’t add mitigation for it yet however.
  • Further investigation of future plans with regards to the controversial ‘no profit’ rule in the FiveM ToS.

All in all, not much. Time is a scarce resource, and focus even more so.

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