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We post a review of mods for FiveM that are not associated with us. These resources are virtually taken over by us from other sites. Among them are free as well as paid. We did not check them, so please be aware of which you download!

FiveM mods to download

If you want to expand your FiveM server, you probably need new modifications. Find optimized scripts, maps and tools right here on our site. Let’s guess: You want to make your server outstanding and better than others, right? Then you’re right here on this page! Any questions? Do not wait to ask us.

How is this list updated?

We update this modlist every day!

How to install FiveM mods?

With __resource.lua or fxmanifest, client.lua & server.lua.

To install MAPS/SCRIPTS:

  1. As with most FiveM mods they come from a rar or zip file, In these compressed files may be a folder
    or files. Most resource contents should look like the below image:


FiveM mods
FiveM mods 1


Those data-files are the most common way for mods, it could be possible that the names of client.lua and server.lua are differently but mostly they are called like that.

Open these files (folders) with a program like 7zip or WinRAR


  1. Upload these folders to your resources folder on your server. This can be via your vServer or Zaphosting machine.
  2. After you have transfered the files of the mod folder to your resources folder – switch back to main server folder (should contain a cache folder and server.cfg ) Now open the server.cfg file. It should look like this:


It should now look like this, check it out:

start mapmanager
start chat
start spawnmanager
start sessionmanager
start fivem
start hardcap
start ■■■■■■■
start scoreboard
start FolderName

AND THERE YOU ADD “start modname”

  1. Now restart your server and the FiveM mod is installed

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Did you find what you were looking for?

If yes – Great! Finding new content for your roleplay server can be quite hard sometimes, though. We recommend the following sources to check, if you are looking for different sources for your RP server:

There are multiple possibilities on installing the mods.

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