FaZe Clan officially parts ways with ZachaREEE

Zachary “ZachaREEE” Lombardo has officially been removed from FaZe Clan’s VALORANT roster after moving to restricted free agency status in December. ZachaREEE is now a member of the Akrew VALORANT team

ZachaREEE is a former Overwatch professional who joined FaZe in July 2020. He became a staple of the VALORANT roster and was a vital member of the North American team that was a powerhouse in the region. FaZe won the VCT NA Season One Challengers Three main event and made it to the Masters One grand final against Sentinels. They ultimately lost against Sentinels and failed to qualify for the remaining two Masters events. 

ZachaREEE eventually announced his departure from FaZe in December and that he was open to other opportunities. He competed in the x1 MOB February Banger tournament with the We Can roster before joining the Akrew VALORANT team for the BoomTV Proving Grounds $20,000 Spring 2022 tournament. The team earned a top-eight finish, but ZachaREEE has stayed with the squad and officially joined the Akrew roster earlier today. 

FaZe is adjusting its VALORANT roster and is reportedly considering Phat “Supamen” Le and Kevin “POISED” Ngo for its team. The organization hasn’t officially announced its new roster yet, but the team will compete in the second stage of the NA VALORANT Champions Tour. 

src: https://dotesports.com/valorant/news/faze-clan-officially-parts-ways-with-zachareee

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