FaZe Clan continues to struggle with 2-0 loss to Luminosity in VCT Challengers 2

FaZe Clan continued to struggle in the VCT Challengers 2 main event on Friday, with a 2-0 loss to Luminosity Gaming despite switching out POACH for flyuh.

Luminosity opened the best-of-three series with a win on their map pick, Fracture. Bdog was back at the top with his match MVP performance on Chamber, as he registered a 1.33 K/D, dropping 20 kills with only 15 deaths. Luminosity took an early lead, winning five of the first six rounds before ending the half 7-5. FaZe Clan brought the game close by eventually tying things up 11-11, before Luminosity finally got the last two rounds together to win the match 13-11.

FaZe picked Icebox for the second map of the series, and this time managed to make it to halftime tied. Luminosity were quick to take the first few rounds after the half, but FaZe reeled Luminosity back in to force overtime. In overtime, Luminosity held firm to take a two-round advantage over FaZe Clan to win the map and series. This time it was mada’s performance to earn his team the series win. Playing Raze, mada maintained a 1.6 K/D, with nearly 30 kills across the 28 rounds played. Despite the back and forth nature of the map, mada remained constant on the explosive duelist, and Luminosity rode his play to victory.

FaZe Clan falls to 0-2 in their group, while Luminosity moves to 2-0 and takes sole possession of first place in Group B, with four teams in the group still to play this weekend. FaZe will get another try next weekend in their match-up against Cloud9. Meanwhile, Luminosity looks toward Evil Geniuses next week in search of a 3-0 start to VCT Challengers 2.

src: https://dotesports.com/valorant/news/faze-clan-continues-to-struggle-with-2-0-loss-to-luminosity-in-vct-challengers-2

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