Fade’s Haunt ability can reveal enemies in the teleporter on Bind

A VALORANT player discovered an easy way to track and take out enemies in the teleporter on Bind using Fade’s Haunt ability. 

The Haunt ability is a great way to check if enemies are hiding in corners or holding a position that is tough to counter. The ability highlights them for Fade, giving them an advantage as they push toward them. Combining this ability with Fade’s other abilities can be tough to counter, creating your enemy’s worst nightmare. A VALORANT player found another use for the Haunt ability since it can highlight enemies through the teleporter doors on Bind.

VALORANT player Keeping_all_halal posted a clip of them using the ability to highlight enemies in the teleporter. The Haunt ability can be placed between the two doors to highlight enemies anywhere within the teleporter, helping players on the outside track their positions. You can shoot through the doors with almost any weapon, meaning you can take out these enemies without them ever seeing you. 

Players using the teleporter can be tough to deal with, especially if they wait a bit before exiting. Attackers must deal with this enemy, meaning they’ll have less help with the enemies defending B site. The Haunt ability can help teams immediately kill the enemy in the teleporter, allowing the entire team to focus on taking the site. 

Some players also use the teleporter as a hiding spot at the end of rounds to save weapons or abilities. Use the Haunt ability to highlight them before pushing in to take them out without putting yourself at risk.

src: https://dotesports.com/valorant/news/fades-haunt-ability-can-reveal-enemies-in-the-teleporter-on-bind

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