Everything we know about Fade in VALORANT’s lore

When Fade was revealed as the newest agent in Riot Games’ popular first-person shooter, VALORANT, many people were excited to find out what kind of backstory she’s bringing to the game’s ever-expanding lore. But the shadowy bounty hunter is just as mysterious as people thought she’d be.

Not much is known about where Fade came from, except for the fact that she is of Turkish descent. But we do know that somebody important to Fade went missing, and as result, she suspects that the VALORANT Protocol is responsible for taking him away.

During her quest to find this person, she sends a message to Brimstone threatening to expose all the details about their operation to the world if he can’t prove the group’s innocence concerning her missing person. She even sent personal dossiers to each individual agent, showing her capabilities to find even the deepest secrets, although she didn’t leak any of the information to the public just yet.

The group’s own scouting specialist, Cypher, is eventually able to trace the messages back to Turkey, where they send a group of agents to apprehend the culprit and bring her in for questioning. Fade puts up a frighteningly strong effort, battling against Chamber, Breach, Neon, Cypher, and Sova with her radiant powers before KAY/O disables and apprehends her with his suppression ability.

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Back at the base, Cypher interrogates Fade on what she knows about the VALORANT Protocol. She boasts that she knows about several high-value aspects of the operation, including the location of their headquarters, their guidelines, different loadouts, and a whole lot more. Cypher tries to convince Fade that they didn’t kidnap whoever she’s looking for, but she remains unconvinced until he mentions that there are multiple other worlds other than their own.

After this conversation, Cypher analyzes that Fade isn’t actually a threat to the VALORANT Protocol and that she could actually be a great addition to their growing roster of powerful agents. Other members, like Jett, are hesitant to trust Fade since she had just blackmailed the entire group. But nonetheless, Brimstone welcomes her into the fold. Fade, however, leaves him a voice mail saying that she will only remain a member if it helps her get closer to finding her missing person.

Fade is set to become available in VALORANT tomorrow, April 26.

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