Everything to know about the VALORANT RGX 11Z Pro 2.0 bundle

The RGX 11Z Pro weapon skins quickly grew in popularity after releasing in October 2021 with VALORANT pros and streamers using them for their own knives and Vandals. Now, a continuation of the RGX bundle has been leaked that would seem to feature more guns and a butterfly knife and would release in the near future. 

The original RGX bundle consisted of a Vandal, Frenzy, Guardian, Stinger, and an extendable blade as the knife. This futuristic bundle has a mechanical feel to it all while being available in a series of bright colors like green, blue, red, and yellow. Additionally, the guns will display the number of kills the player holding it currently has on the back. 

For the upcoming RGX 2.0 bundle, the weapon skins covered will include the Phantom, Operator as well as a butterfly knife. There could be more guns that are given the RGX treatment but those were not included in the initial leak. VALORANT has produced two butterfly knives in the past including the Recon butterfly knife, as well as the Yoru comb-inspired knife meaning the RGX one would be the third butterfly knife to date. 

The price for the upcoming RGX 2.0 bundle will likely match the previous version at 8,700 VALORANT Points for the entire collection. Each RGX skin is a legendary tier, meaning it is the highest price point out of the skins available. As always, players can save money by purchasing the bundle rather than buying the guns individually. 

As for the release date for the RGX 2.0, there is no set date yet. VALORANT recently released the Doodle Buds, which will remain as the featured bundle in the shop for the next eight days. It is likely the RGX 2.0 bundle will arrive when that bundle leaves the shop, but nothing has been confirmed.

src: https://dotesports.com/valorant/news/everything-to-know-about-the-valorant-rgx-11z-pro-2-0-bundle

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