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Coming as a rocket from 2010 is the Emperor Sheava. This vehicle is not just a car, but proof of what what was barely possible to put under the hood over 10 years ago. Even though this ain’t the newest or fastest super on the block, the sound of its 550 horsepower V10 is sure to give you orgasms so hard, that it could break concrete and some proper seating in your seat.

Feel free to use these cars on your FiveM servers if you can make them work on there yourself. I will not make a FiveM addon. And do under no circumstances sell this mod

There may be some slightly weird reflections in places

unpack the .zip file and drag the sheavas folder into your mods folder
add the line:
to dlclist.xml in update.rpf in the mods folder

Spawn-name: sheavas (make sure you remember the s on the back. “sheava” will just spawn the ETR1)

Smukkeunger aka me: modelling, porting, carvariations etc
Grulaz: Modeled the engine
John Doe: Interior
Xana: Seats
Tepig: Sound
MMTGarage: Wheels
Gtaphotosig: Pictures
성훈: Pictures
PeeJay: Pictures

Download the mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/emperor-sheava-add-on-lods

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