Emergency Declasse Alamo 2600LS [Add-On]

Emergency Declasse Alamo 2600LS Pack by Jhonny.
With the recent arrival of the new vanilla granger on GTA, I immediately thought to look for a police version of it. None had appeared at the time and that’s why I embarked on this project: to learn Zmodeler and make my own version. Please bear with me, I am far from claiming to be a real developer. Thank especially the creators of the asstes I used and that allowed me to reach this result (still far from perfect).

Finally, this mini pack, which will grow (soon Declasse unmarked, LCPD, RHPD, Del Perro Police Department…), is mainly here to offer the opportunity to players to use it and have fun with it. That’s why I’m publishing this little pack that may grow with time. While waiting for the real creators to finish these much more optimized and successful versions on their side.

This mini pack aims to offer you the most realistic and coherent lore-friendly vehicles compared to their real-life counterparts.


Installation guide in a readme file in the archive

This pack includes
Template for create your own livery.
BCSO Alamo (VCSO Based)
LSSD Alamo (LASD Based) – Lore and Non-lore livery.

1.0 : Initial release

Known issues
I mapped the vehicle myself. So it may not be perfect. If you cross other problem make them go up to me. As said above, this is my first attempt (Jhonny9067).

Credits (big thanks to them) :

Rockstar Games – Original vehicle.
MMT – Granger conversion to SWB.
IlayArye – Conversion.
Nacho – Model improvements, various bug fixing, trunk organizer, police computer.
Monkeypolice188 – Glass Shards.
Jacobmaate – Most of the assets linked to the lights (valor lightbar, traffic advisor, lighting setup).
11john11 – Custom handling, LASD style antennas, CHP style antennas.
actuallytoxic – Kabel pushbar.
Officer91 – Screenshots.

If you notice an omission in this list, I invite you to let me know as soon as possible!

Terms of Use

– Please do not use this vehicle in fivem or mp server without asking me first! (on discord Jhonny9067)

– Please do not re-upload this pack without my written consent.

Download the mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/emergency-declasse-alamo-2600ls-add-on-sgt_jhonny

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