Does the Night.Market refresh in VALORANT?

For a limited time, VALORANT players will get the chance to buy five skins at a discounted price with the opening of the Night.Market, the game’s highly-anticipated cosmetic sale.

Skins are always a huge part of any game, and in VALORANT, Riot has put in a different level of detail with the art styles and animations. The Night.Market is a welcome sight for anyone who has wanted to buy a skin, only for them to balk at their relatively high price point.

The one catch around the sale is that the choices are randomized so that you can get any skin for any weapon in the game. As a result, one major gripe that some players run into is that they don’t get any skins that they’re interested in buying.

Unfortunately for those with a lackluster list of skins, the Night.Market doesn’t really refresh its selection. Once you reveal your five skins for sale, those are the weapons you’re stuck with in the store. If you don’t fancy any of the cosmetics, you’ll have to wait until the sale concludes and keep your eyes peeled for the next iteration of the sale later in the year.

The Night.Market opened up six times across 2021, so if you’re still looking for that shiny new skin to plaster on your favorite weapon, you still have a chance to score a good deal soon.


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