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This script will allow your players to investigate dead bodies. It will reveal when and how somebody has died. Whether it was an accident or a murder

Great script performance running at 0.00ms – 0.01ms

This script works without any frameworks but has support for ESX and QBCore to enable the detective tools for certain jobs only.

The body area that has received the critical blow is shown making EMS roleplay much more realistic

This script works on both ESX & QBCore

Mostly obfuscated using Escrow. All Framework functions are public
ESX + QBCore

Showcase + Gameplay Video

  • Investigate dead players
  • Investigate dead NPC’s
  • Good looking and optimized UI
  • (ESX & QB only) Ability to enable the detective tools for specific jobs only
  • qtarget and qb-target compatible (not required)
  • High performance
  • Highly configurable


Mostly obfuscated using Escrow. All Framework functions are public
ESX + QBCore

Default Config

Code is accessible No/Partially
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~300 lua, ~200 js/html
Requirements None
Support Yes

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Looks really good, but currently the only thing putting me off right now is the “time of death” being “minutes ago” and not the actual time of death…

Problem with displaying a real game time would be that most players would not be able to check what the current time (and day) is

If you wanted to use a “real life” time you could quite easily edit that into the html file

Download the mod:

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