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Sometimes you’ll spot a game pretty early on and keep watching it develop. Decay of Logos from the Portuguese developer Amplify Creations is such a case for me. So far, Amplify has mainly been active in the area of ​​middleware and offers a whole range of extensions for Unity3d and the Unreal Engine. With Decay of Logos, Amplify’s first own game is coming up, and the premise is quite promising. In a way, Decay of Logos seems to be a European take on Zelda meets Soulslike.

There was once…

Admittedly, the basic story of Decay of Logos isn’t the most imaginative. The formerly united kingdom fell apart under the five sons of the king. The latter are now mainly pursuing their own goals, regardless of the empire and their subjects. Instead, everyone has their piece of land under their nails, which they more or less exploit.

So it’s little wonder that unknown beings attacked Ada’s home village and killed almost all the residents, including our parents. In addition to our young protagonist, a mystical looking deer also survived the attack. Conveniently, the fellow is as big as a moose, so we can ride him as the game progresses. And so begins Ada’s journey, which first leads us to the grove of Laetus…

Of course, that’s not all. And even if the plot is not overly complex, we still encounter NPCs like a trader or a bard who tell us more about the history of the country and current events. That’s actually enough to stay on the ball. Actually?

A little souls like

Decay of Logos GameBlog24 net 7In fact, the first opponents are already a tougher nut than one or the other would expect. The first, almost cute, standard opponents are already able to flatten us. After we have defeated the first root beings, we meet our future standard opponents, human-like figures who obviously have bark instead of skin. Could it have been humans? Either way, they’re pretty aggressive. After all, Ada can not only dish out a light and strong punch, but also parry. However, the famous Souls role does not exist. We can jump or bend our knees or slide a bit over the ground. But the endurance bar is also involved here. Although Decay of Logos doesn’t allow itself any real weaknesses here, it definitely doesn’t want to slide like the fights in Dark Souls or Breath of the Wild in Decay of Logos.

But we can also promptly explore the first ruin where we find a merchant. Theoretically, we could also ignore them and continue to follow the path, where we then meet a first camp. There we not only refresh our life energy. If we lay back a little, our stats that were reduced by death or exhaustion will regain their shape. Unfortunately, this very system is one of the game’s dumber ideas. But more on that later.

In a nearby hut we find a secret passage, at the end of which an ax lurks in a chest. Practical, because our sword wears out slowly. And now off through the gate, into the next area. But for that we have to solve a mini puzzle. Alone we are obviously too light, we need our four-legged friend to flip the switch…

One problem after another

Decay of Logos GameBlog24 net 8Unfortunately, that turns out to be not so easy. Because although we have eliminated all opponents, have already fed a few laurelberries to the cattle and have also cuddled them very well, all this calms our four-legged friend, we need a whole five minutes for the 100 meters to the pressure switch. Because the stupid beast is more difficult to control than an epileptic donkey. In the following area we slowly get a little more in the face. Because there is only one old temple where our status values ​​do not regenerate and because we can only carry five potions with us, regardless of whether they increase weapon damage or regenerate life energy, I decide to return to the previous area and the camp site there. Hit a round on the ear, bring the stats back into shape and then it’ll go on, right? Dandelion, as soon as I hit my head, three of the Barkmen ambush me as my stats are slowly but surely falling. No further leveling up would help here either, the fight against superiority is becoming more and more difficult, my equipment is happily wearing out and I’m getting more and more frustrated…

Damn it

Decay of Logos GameBlog24 net 2The basic recipe is actually correct. There’s a lot that Decay of Logos does right. Despite certain openness, our path through the game is linear enough to always stay on the ball. The individual areas differ immediately. And among other things, there are also some places where we have the choice of whether we sneak or fight, for example. Unfortunately, Decay of Logos keeps tripping over itself as it stands. A number of these blunders could have been avoided. Maybe it would have taken a few more months, especially because of the small team at Amplify Creations. The bottom line is that Decay of Logos will probably need fine-tuning of the gameplay with the next patches.

Actually quite pretty

Decay of Logos GameBlog24 net 12In addition to a Steam version, the Switch version of Decay of Logos was available to me, which was also primarily used for the test. Of course, you have to make certain compromises in terms of optics compared to the PC on maximum settings or the large consoles. Nevertheless, the look is also quite consistent in the mainly used handheld look. However, the frame rate occasionally drops a bit here. But it always remained playable from the side. Even if borrowings from other titles are recognizable again and again, Decay of Logos has its own look, and it can definitely please again and again. Sure, there’s a lot that larger productions can pull off more impressively, but when you consider that at Amplify one employee was responsible for all animations and only a handful of people are behind the game, the result is more than impressive. Unfortunately, there are still problems with the graphic structure or with texture reloaders, even if the first patch has improved a lot here. The overall soundtrack also fits the game. Although I would have wished for a little more liveliness in some environments. The speakers for the NPC’s also do a solid job.


The world of logos is definitely something. While the story itself isn’t exactly innovative, the game manages to tell a story about the environments quite well as it progresses. Sponge over it that there is a lack of variety among the opponents in the long run and the game design is not quite as fine as that of the big role models. The currently rather mixed balancing, game elements that simply punish me and some other annoying elements make me hope for further patches or a definitive edition at the moment. This worked with Slain, for example, with the Back From Hell release as well as with ReCore with its Definitive Edition. Actually I would like to visit the world of logos again.

Presentation (graphics, sound)


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interesting world

The basic mix is ​​correct

Successful design

Bad balancing

Player is partially penalized

Still technical construction sites


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