Into the Fog | September 2021

Dead by Daylight’s Into The Fog Broadcast is an all-day live event featuring 15 Fog Whisperers from North America. September 23 2021, on Twitch and YouTube, join us for a livestream hosted by Fog Whisperers Friskk with game commentary by Otzdarva and OhTofu.

Into the Fog September 2021


Welcome Into The Fog 11:00 Game Director, Mathieu Côté
GROUP A  11:00 DyllonKG, PaulieEsther, Tokki, Meeeows, King
GROUP B  13:00 Rinka, Puppers, Hale, DragTrashly, BROBQ
GROUP C  14:30 SpookyLoopz, DieHardDiva, Cahlaflour, CrunchyEggRollz, Wholesam 
Special Guest Interview 

Creative Director, Dave Richard

1639429210 777 Into the Fog September 2021


The event features three groups of five streamers with each player taking a turn as the killer. Community can participate in the broadcast by deciding the wildcard challenge LIVE before every match. Tune into the official broadcast to learn more about the Into The Fog X Alienware Sweepstakes.

All Fog Whisperer players will also be live on their respective Twitch Channels. 


Each player can win gifted Twitch Subscriptions to their channel:

Survivors can win subs by:

  • Team activating a generator (1 sub) 
  • Survivor Escapes (5 subs) 
  • Succeeding a wildcard challenge (5 per trial) 

Killers can win subs by:

  • Killing a survivor (2 subs) 
  • Killing all survivors (additional 2 subs) 


See you in the Fog,

The Dead by Daylight team.

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