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Hellraiser Collection

Once opened, the puzzle box is not so easily closed. The Hellraiser Collection features a new outfit for Pinhead, and a terrifying Legendary Set that welcomes a second iconic Cenobite, The Chatterer, into Dead by Daylight

Endless trials filled with hooks and suffering, and dozens of Survivors reborn again and again to torment. In the Entity’s Realm Pinhead’s unique talents have found a home like no other. With the gateway now open and the apex Cenobite already spreading sweet pain throughout the Fog, it was only a matter of time before others arrived to join him in his explorations…

The collection also includes a Very Rare outfit for Pinhead that provides an original new look for the Hell Priest.

The Hellraiser Collection includes:     

  • Pinhead (The Cenobite) –The Chatterer –LEGENDARY  
  • Pinhead (The Cenobite)– The Hell Priest – VERY RARE   

We checked in with Dead by Daylight’s Product Store Manager, Rose Li, to learn a little more about how these new outfits for Pinhead were selected and how a new, original design was brought into the game.

“The team wanted to include a new look for Pinhead, but he doesn’t really have other “outfits” in the movies,” shared Rose. “Luckily we were able to have a great collaboration with the Hellraiser licensor to create this original Hell Priest outfit for him that would respect the integrity of the character while also looking cool for our players.”

Dead by Daylight Hellraiser Pinhead cosmetic

“We’re also really excited to be able to include a Legendary Set for The Chatterer since apart from Pinhead, he’s one of the most recognizable Cenobites in the franchise. Visually, he’s extremely distinct, and we knew his signature characteristic – his chattering teeth – was something that would be really fun to make in-game.”


Explore the Hellraiser Collection, available now via the in-game store, or learn more about Pinhead’s powers and perks in our Hellraiser Chapter page, right here

See you in The Fog,     

– The Dead by Daylight Team  

Original source: https://deadbydaylight.com/en/news/hellraiser-collection

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