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Gold & Silk Collection

RSVP to our black-tie affair with Dead by Daylight’s Gold & Silk Collection, which includes luxurious new outfits for Felix Richter and Élodie Rakoto

A gala is being held and while each attendee may appear to be out for a night of fun, their true agendas lurk just beneath the surface. Elegance like this doesn’t make its way into the Fog often, so dress to impress, take a sip of champagne, and run for your life in Dead by Daylight’s classiest collection.

The Gold & Silk Collection includes:     


  • Felix Richter – Suiting Architect – VERY RARE  
  • Élodie Rakoto – Gala Imposter – VERY RARE

Outfits for Claudette, Jeff, Kate, The Doctor, and The Hag already exist within the Golk & Silk Collection.

  • Claudette Morel – Belle of the Ball – VERY RARE
  • Jeff Johansen – Gallery Opening Gala – VERY RARE
  • Kate Denson – Award Night Opulence – VERY RARE
  • The Doctor – Pestilence Physician – VERY RARE
  • The Hag – Queen of the Mire – VERY RARE

Product store manager Rose Li, breaks down the latest additions to a collection that aims to give the Dead by Daylight characters a taste of the finer things in life.

“The two new additions to this collection are Felix and Élodie, dressed in red carpet attire and looking absolutely stunning. We aimed for a luxurious, fashionable style and even experimented with a long tuxedo tail for Felix at one point,” shared Rose. “Élodie’s gown is special as we designed it to be to a mix and match. If you’re the type of player that loves to create their own interesting outfit combinations, I highly recommend picking this one up!”

Elodie Rakoto Dead by Daylight cosmetics

Felix Richter Dead by Daylight cosmetics

Look your best with the Gold & Silk Collection, available now via the in-game store.

See you in The Fog,     

-The Dead by Daylight Team  

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