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Fine Dining Collection

The first course is about to be served, as Dead by Daylight’s Fine Dining Collection brings out an exciting new outfit for The Cannibal

Pull up a chair and join the family for a very special dinner party. We hope you’ll enjoy the menu! To mark the occasion, Leatherface has expanded his wardrobe with a stylish new suit, his prettiest face, and a little extra time spent on makeup to make sure to get his lipstick is just right. Bon appetit!

The Fine Dining Collection includes:     

  • Leatherface – Pretty Woman – VERY RARE   

Product store manager Rose Li, talked to us about adding another classic look to Leatherface’s repertoire.

“Any day where we get a chance to bring a new look for Leatherface into the Fog is a good day for us,” pointed out Rose. “Not only is the Pretty Woman mask a well-known one from the franchise, but in our opinion it’s one of the creepiest too. Now Leatherface can dress up properly for a dinner in the Entity’s Realm. After all, how can you chase down Survivors on an empty stomach?”

See you in The Fog,     

– The Dead by Daylight Team  

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