Dead by Daylight’s Sadako Rising Collection Has Surfaced


Flesh decomposes, but evil endures.

Sadako’s body may lie submerged, but the reach of her fury casts a long shadow. Even those that manage to elude her curse are forever changed, haunted by their encounter with the Onryō.  

  • SADAKO (THE ONRYŌ) – Rotten Remains – ULTRA RARE (Bottomless Well Collection)   

Her life was supposed to end when she was pushed into the well. Shut off from the light, submerged in stagnant water, Sadako and her wrath were meant to fade from memory. Yet the darkness of her murky prison could not compare to the depths of her malevolence. Even as her body festered, her curse grew stronger

Dead by Daylights Sadako Rising Collection Has Surfaced

For Yoichi Asakawa, the vast ocean was an escape from past trauma, and he dove headlong into uncovering its secrets. Studying marine life became a great source of comfort, and his field research trips became one of the lone respites from the darkness that haunted him.   

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We spoke with Product Store Manager Rose Li about the Sadako Rising Collection, which expands the stories of Sadako and Yoichi as they’re swept into The Entity’s realm. “We decided to take an important part of Sadako’s history — her descent into the well — to design her first ultra-rare outfit,” says Rose. “The outfit is a full model change where she is morphed into a full skeleton, complete with green muck dripping out her eyes. We also took care to change the kanji VFX of her weapon as well, which means hatred.” 

“We expanded on his background of being a Marine Scientist — with powers — and gave him suitable gear for working on the open sea,” explains Rose. “I especially love the kraken on his shirt and the hefty binoculars he has, which correspond to his interest in aquatic life.” 

Look for the Sadako Rising Collection, available now in the Dead by Daylight In-Game store.  

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