Dead by Daylight Expands The Rockabilly Collection


No matter how many times you get sacrificed – rockabilly will never die.

At least, that’s what these three Survivors keep saying while huddled around the campfire. You might not believe them, but you’ve gotta admire the moxie. After all, nostalgia is a crucial tool for maintaining one’s humanity. 

And nostalgia we shall have, thanks to these stylish new digs

  • ELODIE RAKATO  – 50’s night out – VERY RARE 

A life dealing in the collection of rare antiques leads to interesting encounters from time to time. It wasn’t often that Élodie got invited to retro 50’s inspired bars by collectors, but one must go where the action is. Sometimes, if she got lucky, there’d even be a dress code.  

Dead by Daylight Expands The Rockabilly Collection

It wasn’t his choice to join the bowling league, but Felix wasn’t about to let his colleagues down. And if his return to the lanes happened to reveal an innate bowling aptitude he may or may not have been concealing for years, then so be it. Time to dust off the shirt.   

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  • ACE VISCONTI  – Retro Party – VERY RARE 

When he first caught wind of a 50s-themed poker night, Ace was all-in. Grease in his slicked-back hair to match his greasy wins on the river? The perfect combination for a nostalgic scoundrel with cash to burn.       

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The return of rockabilly is cause for celebration, and Product Store Manager Rose Li has us covered with some insight into the Collection. “The beloved Rockabilly collection is back!” says Rose. “We gathered all your feedback from last year’s collection and gave Élodie, Felix and Ace the glamorous 50’s look. Look for all the details we added to the collection, such as Élodie’s hair and Ace’s belt buckle.” 


For more of the Rockabilly Collection, revisit previous outfits for Meg Thomas, Nea Karlsson, Kate Denson, and Jane Romero in Dead by Daylight’s in-game store. 

Look for the Rockabilly Collection, available now in the Dead by Daylight In-Game store.  

The Dead by Daylight Team

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