Custom Pets Script [Standalone/ESX/QBCore] – Releases

Preview: Fivem Custom PETS Script [Standalone/ESX/QB] – YouTube

Features :

  • Assign any player the ability to summon their own pet animal (any animal in the game)

  • Each pet has at least ONE animation. Large dogs have tricks they can do such as ‘beg’, ‘paw’, ‘sit’ and many more!

  • Pets can follow your player, stay, get in nearby vehicles, and wander nearby area

  • Options to give players access to the pet menu for QBCore or ESX (per character) or standalone (any character the person has)

  • Logic of the code and UI is encrypted, but configuration is open

  • Option to notify players if they do not have permission to open the pets menu

  • This implementation is in notify.lua and is up to you to put in your notification resource’s usage

  • Open config to change:

  • Key to open the menu

  • Show a blip on the map to mark your pet (only you can see it)

  • Optional animation to whistle to call your pet to you

  • Optional to allow players to whistle to call their pet (e.x. dpemote /e whistle)

  • Optional pet invincibility. Prevent players’ pets from dying. (They can always respawn if they do die)

  • Configurable distance to automatically despawn pet

  • 0.00 – 0.03 ms usage

Inspired by [Release] K9 Script [REMOVED]

(Optional): Colored Poodles GitHub – TayMcKenzieNZ/Coloured-Poodles: Coloured Poodles For FiveM

  • This is a separate script that you can install to have various poodle colors.
Code is accessible Config
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1500
Requirements NONE
Support Yes


this is actually only the k9 script rewritten I find then already shit a script to sell what one has only rewritten and not completely itself

The old k9 script is deprecated and is not supported. I only used the UI but there is no original behavior left from the scripts logic.

Friend, it’s ok that the free script doesn’t work anymore, but it’s bad for you to do the same and launch paid release.
I love this type of script, it’s a good release, congratulations, but some things bother me about this script.
The fact that it has a free release and you have done the same thing weighs a lot.
The teleport of the animal inside the vehicle, the spawn in front of you out of nowhere, for a paid script, these details count a lot.
For example, when you call the animal, instead of it appearing out of nowhere in front of you, it could appear hidden and run to you, it’s details like that that differentiate your script.
Anyway, congratulations on the release, good script

I want to use the script standalone, sadly it wont open…any idea? i set ‘Standalone’ …

Make sure you are using the correct ‘license’ for the person. This can usually be found by clicking on their name in TxAdmin when they are connected and it will show you a bunch of information, use the full “license:xxxxxx…”

im not using license, its needed even if its standalone? whatelse can i put there?

Im not using txadmin i mean…

Download the mod:

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