Competition: We are giving away 2x DragonQuest XI S for the Nintendo Switch competitions

In cooperation with Nintendo, we are giving away two games of DragonQuest XI S for the Nintendo Switch. For this purpose, we will introduce you to the following places in the game and you have to vote which you find the most beautiful.

Heliodoric Hills:
After their escape from the city, the hero and his companion find themselves in the Heliodoric Hills. In the gorge with the rushing waterfall and the green landscape, they find refuge in a church and renew their energies before they set off on another adventure.

The country’s city is bursting with wealth and imposing buildings. The rich and beautiful feel right at home in their palaces. The roofs of the city are ideal for avoiding the numerous guards.

Heliodor – Lower City:
The shady side of the city can be found in the lower town of Heliodors. The outer districts are inhabited by the poor population and are strictly separated from the noble quarters by guards. Although there are many garbage dumps and dilapidated houses in this part, the area has its own charm.

The Malmoor Forest:
The Malmoorwald is the notorious Erdrias forest in which numerous people have disappeared. Whoever finds out, however, can tell of an enchanted forest full of dilapidated temples, fantastic beings and mystical trees.

In order to participate you have to vote on the following Facebook posting with the respective icon for the area of ​​the game that you find most beautiful.

The closing date for entries is February 16, 2020, 6 p.m. The winners will be contacted via Facebook, so make sure that we can write to you too. This competition is not connected to Facebook and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook. SZ Scala, the PR agency responsible for Nintendo, will dispatch the prize. For this purpose, the addresses of the winners will be sent to them. You can find our conditions of participation here.


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