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Once more, this submit is usually outdated, as could be anticipated with a submit from 2019. Right now .oiv-style mod packages don’t should be signed and might simply use OPEN encryption key.

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Beginning at near-future FiveM releases, we are going to not help using citizen/frequent/, citizen/platform/ and addons/ for loading shopper modifications, primarily since sure modifications individuals put in right here have induced desynchronization points and crashes on unrelated purchasers.

As an alternative, we would require signed modification packages in mods/, which use a brand new format loosely suitable with the OpenIV .oiv meeting.xml format and the GTA V setup2/content material.xml codecs.

For now, see an instance modification bundle, which could be loaded in canary builds of FiveM utilizing +set modDevMode 1 as a launch argument to FiveM.exe after dropping it within the FiveM Software Information/mods/ listing:

sculpture_revival_decrypted.rpf (1.1 MB)

You can open it in CodeWalker or OpenIV to see the general file structure of a new modification package.

To load without development mode and be able to use your mod on public servers for release, we’ll currently have to manually sign and review your mod package (final RPF you intend on releasing); this will be automated in the future, but for now send a DM on the forums to @mod_reviewers with the package you want to be signed, and a short description; and we’ll give you a (temporary!) link to a signed mod package you can release for general use, if the mod package is confirmed to be safe/working.

Again, in the future we’re looking to streamline the ‘signing’ process, and potentially allow other kinds of client changes (or privileged server functionality) to be ‘approved’ explicitly.

Also, we might end up adding a mod package catalog or similar to the game one day – this is just a prelude to a lot of potentially cool functionality, and a way to prevent players’ games from breaking due to unrelated client modifications.

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