Client Update (FiveM/RedM) for February 17th, 2022 – FiveM Releases

An update to the platform (version 5356) has been released to the ‘production’ channel. This update will be automatically installed.

This update applies to both FiveM and RedM, and includes the following changes:

  • Anticheat changes, including the following:
    • Fixed a compatibility issue with Windows 7 (closing instantly on launch)
    • FiveM: Reimplemented mitigation of ‘SLOD’ peds so that it works on builds other than 1604.
    • Note that not all anticheat changes are included in the changelog.
  • Rockstar integration fixes:
    • Most cases of ‘Timed out waiting for ROS/MTL’, mainly on systems with dual/quadcore CPUs should be gone now.
    • We no longer delete the cached Rockstar account when services are down, so no more unexpected Rockstar login dialogs.
  • Some fixes in crash reporting:
    • FiveM: Fixed a regression introduced in the last release where ‘pool full’ errors instead showed up as a fmt::v8::format_error exception.
    • Support ‘symbolication’ (friendly names, used in server quit messages and advanced error dialogs) for Windows 7/8.1.
    • Fixed some cases where the crash dialog itself would crash due to a timing issue.
  • FiveM: Asset streaming reliability improvements:
    • Reduce download priority for assets that are no longer relevant, such as when moving rapidly across the map.
    • Some fixes for hanging when disconnecting from a server, before the main menu gets a chance to show: now we rely less on the streaming engine to succeed for a frame or two.
  • FiveM: A few regression fixes for game build 2545:
    • Loading story mode when having last used 2545 no longer crashes.
    • ‘NetworkEntityDamage’ game events now contain actual data.
  • Misc fixes:
    • Mitigations for a relatively rare game hang in Mumble client code.
    • When using the optimized ‘OAL’ mode for the Lua runtime, vector results now work correctly.
    • FxDK: No more duplicate entries in the project explorer when renaming an entry.

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