Client Update (FiveM/RedM) for April 8th, 2022 – FiveM Releases

An update to the platform (version 5466) has been released to the ‘production’ channel. This update (for both FiveM and RedM) fixes a number of bugs, and contains a few quality adjustments. A summary of changes follows:

  • Discord rich presence functions (using the SetRichPresence function) now overrides both the “details” and “state” fields. This can be used by adding a newline (“n“) to your rich presence data.
  • The game will now automatically verify game files (instead of crashing) if the contents of the citizen directory are deleted, without deleting the actual directory.
  • Game window titles have been updated with consistent branding (“[project name] by“).
  • Memory usage for the Rockstar Launcher and Rockstar Service (“ROSLauncher” and “ROSService”) processes has been reduced by disabling some unneeded code.
  • A popular crash in the ROSLauncher process has been fixed.
  • The UI won’t hang anymore if the Matomo server is unavailable. This is a side effect of how Chromium/Blink loads “raw” script snippets, and couldn’t have been foreseen.
  • Some old files shipped with the platform have been removed. These did nothing but take up space and memory.
  • The game will no longer crash with an ‘Early-exit trap’ if there’s a connection issue.
  • A few general cleanups to code have been done, this shouldn’t affect much of note.
  • Another common case of fetch-based resource downloading from the Chrome Dev Tools protocol by suffixing a / has been mitigated.
  • Additional verification for arguments to console functions in NUI to prevent a specific exploit.
  • FiveM: ‘Flying out of the windscreen’ is now enabled for singleplayer/story mode again.
  • FiveM: The uninstaller will now clean up the FxDK shortcut.
  • FiveM: The game no longer crashes if trying to load story mode too soon after launching.
  • RedM: Crash reporting is now enabled so the RedM development folks can check the prevalence of reported crashes.
  • RedM: Debug symbols now include game function data.
  • RedM: ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) has been enabled.
  • RedM: A few requested pool sizes have been increased.
  • RedM: The original name of a converted .#dr file is now retained when ran through the asset converter.
  • RedM: Instead of showing the Social Club email address in the window title, it now shows the Social Club username.


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