Client Update (FiveM and RedM) for April 19th, 2022 – FiveM Releases

An update to the platform (version 5503) has been released to the ‘production’ channel. This update, applying to both FiveM and RedM, again fixes a number of bugs, and contains a few quality adjustments. A summary of changes follows:

  • Save and submit ‘.gamelog’ files with crashes. These logs contain game log data that Rockstar would submit to their crash backend too as of GTA5 build 2545, or RDR2 of any build.
  • Fix a bug from an earlier release where ‘timed out’ messages would contain the “replacement character” (�) instead of the plus-minus sign (±).
  • Log ‘execution failed’ for native functions in Lua in the correct logger.
  • Fix a crash in ntdll!RtlpQueryProcessDebugInformationRemote that affected some users with system monitoring software running in the background.
  • Fix a race condition where loading NUI could result in corrupted reads. This was reported by tens0rfl0w on GitHub.
  • Fix game cache downloads for in-game build switching acting confusingly when canceled. This was reported by Lucas7yoshi on GitHub.
  • Reduce memory usage by ~30 MB by not loading multiple times.
  • “Fix applying metatables on __unpack for statebags”. This is a pull request by niekschoemaker on GitHub.
  • FiveM: Fix Steam rich presence data spam-launching SteamChild processes when in story mode or ‘local game’. This was reported and fixed by Lucas7yoshi and Jaymo.
  • FiveM: Fix an issue where unloading a .#typ file would execute in the wrong order, preventing it from reloading later on.
  • FiveM: Don’t allow ‘unsigned’ mod packages to be marked as CFXP.
  • FiveM: Fix a crash with large amounts of DUI or other runtime textures due to incorrectly using game code.
  • FiveM: Don’t reset police scanner audio when networked time gets updated. This is a game bug, reported by Orel65.
  • FiveM: Update bundled emoji for in-game font to Twemoji 14 from Twemoji 12. This means you can now use modern emoji such as :potted_plant:, :bubble_tea:, :mascot:, :coin:, 🧌, 🫘, and many others in game text draws. Notable is that a popular messaging app starting with a D still hasn’t updated their Twemoji past version 13…
  • RedM: Add the neteventlog debug command that existed in FiveM already.
  • RedM: Support camera position for Mumble 3D audio if in first-person view. Thanks to Ktos93 for this pull request!
  • RedM: Support the SET_WEATHER_OWNED_BY_NETWORK native like in FiveM.
  • RedM: Increase a few commonly requested pool sizes in the bundled gameconfig.xml.
  • RedM: Correctly read the Social Club nickname for Steam or Epic logins.


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