Brimstone’s iPad glitch reveals his position through walls in VALORANT

Brimstone’s tactical map, also known as his iPad, can glitch through walls and reveal his position on certain maps. 

One VALORANT Reddit user discovered that Brimstone’s iPad could sometimes glitch in front of walls, causing it to poke out on the other side and reveal his position. The video that surfaced on Reddit saw a Brimstone playing on the A site on Icebox. When sitting in Nest, the iPad glitched through the thin wall, showing the enemies exactly where he was standing. This allowed the enemy to fire several Operator shots into the wall and eventually kill him. The Brimstone was completely oblivious to the fact that his ability was causing his character model to stick out, which led to him not properly repositioning after the first shot. 

This glitch has happened on other maps too, such as Breeze, according to the commenters in the post. More glitches have surfaced since the most recent VALORANT patch, which saw different agent abilities be able to be thrown through walls on the B site of Ascent. The update has made walls seemingly transparent and able to be passed through, which is the main cause of these glitches.  

Riot Games has yet to address these glitches directly, which could spell trouble for Brimstone and other players in the near future. For the time being, when playing on maps that have thin walls, or any walls that can be shot through, be careful that something related to the agent can’t stick out and be seen. The issues with transparent walls should be fixed in an upcoming update for VALORANT.


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