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To escape into the worlds of your favorite video games, you don’t always have to stare at the boob tube. Okay, nowadays there is only a little flickering, but according to various parents, square eyes still appear if you sit in front of the television or monitor for too long. So why not grab a book or comic? Especially now that it’s getting uncomfortable outside, an afternoon in your favorite armchair can be very relaxing and I don’t think anyone will complain that you should turn off “the box”. Incidentally, this works just as well with audio books, where Audible has a very good selection of books with video game context.

Anyway, this is supposed to be about books and comics. We have put together a selection for you below. We know that this is a bottomless pit and that many recommended books and comics are certainly missing here. Just write them to us in the comments, we are curious ourselves.

Assassin’s Creed books

The games alone are an experience from a historical perspective. Fictitious events as well as events based on true circumstances come together here. Stories that work great not only on screen but also in book form. So it is no wonder that there are also novels about the games, some of which were written by excellent authors. So you can relive or deepen the story from Origins, Odyssey, Unity or from the recently released Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. However, one should be prepared for the fact that the stories, similar to film adaptations of books, can be shortened or changed here and there for the new medium.

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Gears of War books

For games from the shooter genre, the Gears of War games offer a surprising amount of depth, but the bottom line is that it’s still about blunt shooting. The novels by Karen Traviss, which tell background stories about the KOR and Marcus Fenix, offer more depth. The start was made in 2008 with the novel “Aspho Fields”, which has meanwhile been followed by numerous sequels as well as prequels to the published games. An absolute must for fans of the series, even if the quality of the books varies a little too much. If you want to learn more about the world and characters from Gears of War, you should access here.

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God of War books

Similar to Assassin’s Creed, there are also novels for the games that retell the stories from the games. Especially with the reboot of God of War on the PlayStation 4, the storytelling and deep story between Kratos and his “boy” was rightly praised in the highest tones. Author JM Barlog did an excellent job of capturing the core of the story and translating it into the written word. If you want to learn more about characters, locations or the mythology of God of War in general, the collection is “Lore and Legends” which gives a deep insight into the world of Kratos.

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Halo Books & Comics

1654977606 714 Books Comics Reading Material for Video Gamers MagazineIn addition to the video games of the main Halo series and spin-offs such as REACH or Wars, there are also many books and comics in addition to the films that make the Halo universe what millions of fans around the world love. Halo is not only the Master Chief and the artificial intelligence Cortana, but also a large amount of stories apart from the well-known video games. In a total of twelve novels and nine comics, you learn a lot about the creation of the Halo Rings, background information about different races and of course many stories or events from the games are taken up and deepened.

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Little Nightmares Comics

Little Nightmares quickly captivated me with its dark story and, above all, its unique graphics. Logically, I thought the announcement about a comic series that was supposed to further deepen the fate of the little girl Six was great. Unfortunately, in the end it was only enough for two issues, but these are still highly recommended and anyone who liked the game should take a look anyway. Especially now that the second part of the game will be released soon, this is all the more worthwhile.

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Mass Effect books

Since the last offshoot Andromeda, the Mass Effect series has not necessarily increased in favor with the players, although the game is said to have become a good game after numerous patches and updates. But let’s stay with the much more popular first three parts, during which most of the written literature was written. As big as the universe is the selection of books on Mass Effect. The first is “The Revelation”, in which author Drew Karpyshyn tells more or less the history of the game series. Also in the following books, events from the games are repeatedly included, which are only dealt with in passing. Of course, the books are worthwhile for fans of the series, but lovers of science fiction novels will also like them.

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Due to the amount of books and comics about video games, many of your favorites will certainly be missing here. When I asked our team, most of them didn’t even know where to start. Especially in the field of comics, there are so many that you would be taken care of for the rest of your life. Blizzard also offers a good and, above all, free selection in PDF form Comics about Overwatch, World Of Warcraft or Starcraft II. There are even more, but mostly for a fee, on the comic platform comixology from Amazon. Comics for Cyberpunk 2077, Sea of ​​Thieves or Dead Space are recommended there.

We especially appreciate your recommendations in the comments. If you don’t like to read, but prefer to watch films, you can also have a look at our corresponding article. Movies related to video games.


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