Benjyfishy quits competitive Fortnite to become VALORANT content creator

Popular Fortnite streamer and pro player Benjyfishy is stepping away from the battle royale to pursue VALORANT content creation. 

VALORANT has steadily grown in popularity over the last two years as more players jump into the Riot Games title. The game has attracted players from other shooters like CS:GO and Overwatch, but fans of any genre can enjoy the tactical FPS. Benjyfishy is the latest notable name to make the jump after he announced his departure from Fortnite today. 

Benjyfishy has qualified for the Fortnite World Cups four times. But he confirmed he has lost his desire to play Fortnite recently, only playing during tournaments and other competitive events. This lack of enjoyment led to the pro player switching to VALORANT content going forward. 

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In his announcement video, Benjyfishy said he settled on being a pro player to ensure he always had a job he enjoys, and Fortnite was no longer making him happy. But he has enjoyed his time playing VALORANT, leading to the decision to switch to the tactical FPS full-time. Benjyfishy will remain a content creator for NRG, and fans can expect a jump to VALORANT going forward. He said VALORANT streams will be the norm, and fans can check out his first VALORANT video on his YouTube channel


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