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I have a problem. As a passionate gamer, life gets in the way and weighs too much on my eyelids when I finally find time to turn on the console or gaming PC in the evening. Having two kids during a pandemic and a full-time job gives me increased fatigue and extra short gaming sessions. Only recently, when the children finally slept and the wife watched her series on the tablet, were the cola and chips already ready. But after just one hour of Cyberpunk 2077, your head sank onto the extra soft sofa cushion and your eyes closed. No more chance and after a little nap I finally went to bed. No V, no Johnny Silverhand, no Night City… no cyberpunk. Kind of frustrating.

Where’s the energy when you need it?

Well, I’m not twenty anymore either. Gambling until you’re sick and then getting up fresh and happy in the morning isn’t as easy as it used to be. Something like I did when Crysis 2 was released, where I gambled through the night and then went to work as normal in the morning, is no longer possible. If only there were something that made the narrow gaming corridor a real experience, and then after the “work” was done, sinking contentedly and happily into bed? Energy drinks are definitely not a solution for me. On the one hand, very few taste really good and on the other hand, the effect is difficult to time, so that the process of falling asleep is unnecessarily prolonged, or the night becomes restless and not restful because the drink is still developing its full effect. So what to do?

Mouth spray for gamers! What?!

Exactly, here could the mouth spray developed and manufactured in Germany BEASTED remedy. Because that promises exactly what I need. A remedy that concentrates me on the point and makes me efficient, keeps it upright while I’m gaming and when it’s all over my body shuts down again, so that I have a restful sleep and don’t fall off my chair from tiredness the next morning. I was particularly impressed by the holistic concept, which is based on a high level of tolerability and good taste. No side effects like tachycardia or too much sugar like in other stimulant products like energy drinks. I still remember the last Super Bowl, where I treated myself to an energy drink for a long time, which then robbed me of a restful sleep. So try it out and me that “Perfect Gaming Bundle” by BEASTEDwhich includes all three sprays, can be delivered climate-neutrally.

After a short time I have the small spray bottles, each with 30ml content, in the mailbox. Not really cheap for 34.99 euros, but if they work, they are definitely worth the money. On the one hand there is the Gaming Boost Spray, which is supposed to start everything and get me going with caffeine, vitamin C and guarana extract. The Insane Focus Spray is supposed to keep my concentration at a high level with ginkgo extract, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and B12, before the Chill and Sleep Spray with melatonin, balm vitamin B3 and B6 brings me back down to earth and relaxes target.

Does the mouth spray for gamers work?

The big question now is whether the mouth spray will have the promised effect. I tried it out over several sessions and despite my great skepticism, I can answer the question with yes. Of course, it starts with the Gaming Boost Spray, two sprays in your mouth and you’re good to go. The taste is pleasantly fruity with a slight bitter note, which will probably appeal to most people.

1649984410 782 BEASTED The mouth spray for focused gamers Does it workHowever, if you now hope that your fingers will tingle and that blue lightning will shoot out of your fingers, I have to disappoint you. You don’t become a superhero, but I actually didn’t feel as tired after the spray as I usually do after a long day at work and struggling to get the kids to bed every day. With the Focus Spray I was able to prolong this state, so that I could finally gamble a little longer in the evenings. Similar to the Booster Spray, the Focus Spray tastes fruity and fresh, but this time without the bitter aftertaste. In terms of taste, the sprays actually come close to one or the other energy drink, but without leading to palpitations or inner unrest. So for me the much better choice, especially because I can confirm the effect after several sessions. Of course, if you’re dog-tired and your eyes are already closing, then the sprays won’t work wonders either. Then maybe you should think about going to bed and giving your body the rest it needs and daring to try your favorite game again the next day.

After an extensive gaming session, the third spray in the bunch comes into its own. Namely the Chill and Sleep Spray to reduce the excitement after gambling and to transfer the body to the necessary rest phase. Responsible for this is the melatonin contained in it, which is also contained in commercially available “better sleep” remedies from the pharmacy. However, as with all active ingredients, the intensity of the reactions can vary from person to person. The sprays may even have a stronger or weaker effect on others. That applies to the Chill and Sleep Spray as well as to the other two.

Overall, I am positively surprised by the sprays. At first I thought that this is something to take money out of our pockets as gamers. After gamer food like muesli bars, now also a pick-me-up in the form of sprays. Who needs this? Now I know that I can put it to good use and that it helps me to enjoy my rare gamer evenings to the fullest. By the way, the sprays also work to get through the low after the lunch break. In the meantime, I use the sprays occasionally for this, as well as to get through never-ending meetings.


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