All VCT North America LCQ teams

The NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier, as the name would suggest, represents the last chance for a number of stacked North American VALORANT rosters to claim one final spot at VCT Champions 2022.

Following their performances during the main event of Stage One and Stage Two, both OpTic and XSET have already secured the two Champions spots afforded to the region’s top two teams in circuit points. Now, eight other teams that competed in the NA VCT will fight it out for the third and final NA ticket to Champions in Istanbul, Turkey.

Let’s take a look at all eight teams qualified for the 2022 NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier

All North American LCQ teams

The Guard

Image via Riot Games.
  • Roster: neT, valyn, JonahP, Sayaplayer, trent
  • Coach: mCe

The breakout stars of Stage One, The Guard brought together a core of rookies and bet on them developing into a top tier team. But no one expected them to flourish the way they did, going 4-1 in group stage and taking down the likes of Sentinels, Cloud9, and OpTic en route to a first place finish. Their run at Masters Reykjavík and their Stage Two performance left much to be desired, but they still enter LCQ as the top seed and a dangerous foe.

FaZe Clan

  • Roster: babybay, dicey, flyuh, supamen, poised
  • Coaches: jdm, zecK

FaZe is a testament to the idea that even if you fall off, you can still bounce back. The babybay-led crew was the hottest team in NA at the end of Stage One last year, but failed to replicate that success the rest of the year. After missing Stage One this year, they rebuilt around babybay using pieces of the disbanded Rise roster, and despite an 0-2 start in Stage Two, they ended up finishing third in playoffs, falling one step short of reaching Masters.


All VCT North America LCQ teams
Photo via Cloud9
  • Roster: mitch, leaf, Xeppaa, vanity, curry
  • Coaches: JamezIRL, m1cks

The Cloud9 core, fresh off a playoff appearance at Champions 2021, put on a strong performance in Stage One, notching a 5-0 group stage record and only losing in playoffs to the red hot The Guard and future Masters Reykjavík champions OpTic. Their Stage Two run was thrown off by a surprise trade that sent Xeta and coach Autumn to T1 in exchange for curry, and while they ultimately missed playoffs during the second stage, they’re still a threat.

Shopify Rebellion (ex-Luminosity)

  • Roster: moose, mada, dazzLe, TiGG, bdog
  • Coach: mac

The former Luminosity roster may have a new name, but it’s the same group of young, dangerous VALORANT players that everyone needs to have on their radar. The team runs five deep, but the name that rose to prominence the most during the two 2022 stages was bdog, who rivaled the likes of yay and Cryocells in the Jett/Chamber role.


1658534406 549 All VCT North America LCQ teams
Image via NRG Esports
  • Roster: s0m, eeiu, tex, hazed, Ethan
  • Coaches: JoshRT, Zikz

After missing out on playoffs in Stage One, NRG went out to grab a familiar face and an experienced international name to add to their roster, signing Ethan away from 100 Thieves. They ran through the open qualifier, but stumbled in the Stage Two main event, falling to 1-3 heading into the final week. But a come-from-behind win versus The Guard put them directly in playoffs, where they stunned both Ghost and Evil Geniuses in the lower bracket. Ethan has brought out the best of the eeiu/tex duo, and NRG will need all three to step up if they want to reach Champions.

100 Thieves

100T VALORANT players Stellar and Asuna in disbelief.
Image via 100 Thieves
  • Roster: Asuna, Derrek, stellar, Will, bang
  • Coach: Sean Gares, Mikes

100T is another example of the benefits of youthful investment; however, they didn’t pick up on the idea right away. They had a disastrous start to 2022, signing and dropping both ec1s and BabyJ in a matter of weeks after two huge losses to kick off Stage Two. Between stages though, they slammed the reset button, rebuilding around young duelist/flex prodigy Asuna, and bringing in an entirely new coaching/support staff. They didn’t manage to qualify for Masters Copenhagen, but their massive improvement in Stage Two with the new roster and support staff got them into the LCQ, and makes them a threat to any team’s run.

Evil Geniuses

  • Roster: Boostio, Reformed, jawgemo, C0M, Apotheon
  • Coaches: potter, LiN

Evil Geniuses joined the ranks of 100T, FaZe, and NRG as teams that rose to prominence between Stage One and Stage Two. Between stages, they swapped in both C0M and Apotheon, but it was their longest-standing member in Boostio who stepped up the most, becoming one of the more prominent sentinel players in the region.


1646193603 586 NA VCT 2022 power rankings Challengers One Week 2
Photo via Sentinels
  • Roster: ShahZaM, TenZ, dapr, shroud, Zellsis
  • Coach: Rawkus

Well, well, well, look who it is. Thanks to NRG’s victory over Ghost in the lower bracket of Stage Two playoffs, Sentinels snuck into the NA LCQ with the last spot. Heading into the Last Chance Qualifier, Sentinels have picked up perhaps the last players you’d expect to be on the roster: shroud and Zellsis. A terrific flex option that provides mid-round calling and a high number of assists, Zellsis should fit right in, but after years away from regular competition, all eyes will certainly be on shroud when he makes his pro VALORANT debut.


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