All of Fade’s contract items in VALORANT

VALORANT’s latest Agent, Fade, brings a new contract packed with sprays, player cards, titles and Shorty skin.

Each VALORANT Agent comes equipped with Agent contracts which are used to unlock the Agents and all of their cosmetic accessories. Players can activate these contracts in the main menu of VALORANT and level the contracts up to earn these items. There are ten tiers to each Agent contract with the number of experience points needed at each tier increasing as the player progresses. At tier five the Agent is unlocked and becomes available to play and while the remaining five tiers are used to show off a player’s progression through a contract.

Fade’s first five tiers consist of a spray titled “On the Prowl”, a Fade player card, the “Bounty Hunter” title, another spray called “Eye Opener” and Fade herself. For players who are anxious to play Fade when she first releases, the first five tiers of her contract can be unlocked for 1,000 ($9.99) VALORANT Points.

Image via Riot Games

After the first five tiers are unlocked, players can earn the Nazar Bead gun buddy, a “Fade” spray, the “Living Nightmare” title, another “Dark Tide” player card and finally the Karabasan Shorty Skin. Unlike the first five tiers, the remaining five tiers cannot be purchased with VALORANT Points and must be unlocked through activation and gameplay.

1651035604 614 All of Fades contract items in VALORANT
Image via Riot Games

There are only two other Agents in VALORANT that have Shorty skins as their final tier. Viper has the Snakebite Shorty and Killjoy has the Wunderkind Shorty, meaning Fade will become the third Agent to have a Shorty skin.


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