A PSA on Steam identifier support – FiveM Announcements

Valve has been repeatedly making updates that break Steam integration for FiveM, after years of not touching the specific code that our system relies on at all. Since we have not been (and likely will not ever be) assigned an official AppID, FiveM relies on workarounds in order to integrate with Steam.

Because of these constant changes Valve is making, we can no longer guarantee FiveM will be able to offer Steam integration, including:

  • identifiers
  • automatic fetching of nicknames
  • presence

If you’re using certain popular resources that block joining for a lack of Steam identifier but save on license (e.g. essentialmode), please remove the Steam blocking check from your server before Valve makes changes that will break FiveM Steam integration in its current state permanently.

Currently, as a workaround, users can choose to opt out of the Steam beta.

Original source: https://forum.cfx.re/t/a-psa-on-steam-identifier-support/517277

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