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Paint pack for 737 ultimate package made by me.

If you want to read a summary about the history of the aircraft, it is at the end of the description.

Copa Airlines: HP-1525CMP
Gol old: PR-GOL
Gol new: PR-GEJ
Varig old: PP-VQD
Varig new: PR-VBU

737 ultimate package: Heinrich_Hans_The 16th, Foxunitone, SkylineGTRfreak,
livery: CIA BRASIL

A little history of these aircraft.

HP-1525CMP: It was handed over to Copa Airlines in January 2020, where it operates to this day, where it was also the first owner in June 2004.

PR-GOL:Delivered to GOl in 2000, operating until 2012, where it was stored as N277CS, where now the owner is GECAS (financing and leasing company).

PR-GEJ: Delivered in 2015, operating until 2020, where it now operates in another company but which was not revealed.

PP-VQD:First delivered to VARIG in December 1998, operating until 2002, where it passed to GECAS (leasing company), then in 2003 it passed to GOL as PR-GOW, operating until 2014, being leased by another company, not knowing which one it was.

PR-VBU: Delivered in October 2008 to VARIG, being operated by GOL and in 2013 it was painted with her painting, later being rented by another company, in which it was not revealed.

Download the mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/737-700-livery-pack

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