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Isn’t it great when your next favorite game is on sale and you can grab it at a bargain price? Or even better: if it is completely free? There are plenty of really good free-to-play games on PS4 and PS5 that you should definitely know about. There is something for every taste!

5 free-to-play games you shouldn't miss - PlayStation.Blog.Europe 6

Check out all the free-to-play games on the PlayStation Store!


There are many Yu-Gi-Oh! games out there, but this one differs from its predecessors in a number of ways. The special thing about MASTER DUEL is not only that you get it completely free of charge: Thanks to your own game lobbies, you can fight duels with your friends or simply watch them. And it even works crossplay!

Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL aimed at experienced Duelists and new players alike. Detailed tutorials and numerous mission duels ensure that you quickly master the basics of various deck types and can plunge into online battles. With more than 10,000 cards that can be unlocked, you are then also ready for in-game tournaments and events – they are supposed to follow soon.

Apex Legends

Inside PlayStation: 5 free-to-play games you shouldn't miss

Choose your likeness from a variety of heroes and jump into the next round with Apex Legends. You are never alone on the battlefield: up to 60 players romp around in small teams on a map and try to survive in the finest Battle Royale manner.

The developers provide Apex Legends regularly with new events and time-limited tasks, so that even experienced players always have something to do. Apex Legends is completely free-to-play for PS Plus subscribers, while everyone else can get the shooter for a small age verification fee. Those who play on PlayStation 5 can also look forward to an update with numerous improvements this year, which is already being planned.

Even more free PS5 games!

Inside PlayStation: 5 free-to-play games you shouldn't miss

Our colleagues from Inside PlayStation have also dabbled in free games and tried some of them. They introduce you to a few more games in the video that you can start for free. Get inspired, fire up the PlayStation Store and pick up one of these free 2 play games today.

Genshin Impact

Inside PlayStation: 5 free-to-play games you shouldn't miss

Genshin Impact not only makes a powerful impression with its painterly anime look: there is also a lot to discover in terms of content. The various quests in the game send you across the entire continent, let you get to know other cultures and fight numerous monsters. The story spun around it will be continued with each further update and lets you delve deeper and deeper into the world.

Genshin Impact is actually a single-player game, but you can also team up with a friend and move through the mountains, meadows and vast fields together. Since your team consists of different characters that you get through a kind of gachapon process, Genshin Impact also plays a little differently for everyone.

Super Animal Royale

Inside PlayStation: 5 free-to-play games you shouldn't miss

What happens when you combine the look of a top-down shooter with battle royale mechanics and insanely cute animals? I agree: Super Animal Royale. A game where you put cool guns in the paws of the cutest four-legged friends and fight for your life.

What we have never seen in any other game: In Super Animal Royale you can use a hamster ball to protect yourself from enemy projectiles or run away on the back of an emus. As is usual for the Battle Royale genre, there are numerous cosmetic accessories that will set you apart from the other animals.


Inside PlayStation: 5 free-to-play games you shouldn't miss

Do you have room for a team-based first-person shooter again? Then you should take a look Paladins throw. The free-to-play game offers 10 fighters the opportunity to prove their skills in cool designed arenas. You choose your image from 50 different characters and try to survive.

In addition to numerous weapons and the associated playing styles, the different game modes in particular provide variety. It is important that you work together with your team and act strategically to outperform the enemies in Paladins. I wish you success!

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