[0.24$] iBetting: Sports betting system – Releases

This is really community project, not only by me. Now have some people making it better.

The update will be available in comment, waiting for moderator approved.

First, i must say:

  • This is the started version, the functions is limited.
  • This is the free start kit for everyone can use it to make related or extended.

Features: Realtime updated, sure!

  • Automatic list the upcoming sports.
  • Automatic get the odds in us style, 1×2 with decimal price.
  • Show the list match that players can bet into.
  • Bet form ready.

How to use:

  • Edit the apiKey in ui.js. (Using the-odds-api[dot]com)
  • ensure resource: ensure iBetting
  • Ingame, press E to open the board.

When you click to list the sports match, data fire to Server Side, you can see it in json type at server console. When you have the data, you can show to players and make the bet process.

Will be updated daily, i’m sure. Next version features:

  • Display active match with the odds.
  • Bet able functions.
  • Automatic counting the score and calculator results for wining or lost.
  • Improve the system with cronjob for update odds realtime.
  • Improve the security for running environment.

Love FiveM community, sometimes :blush: . Keep your money to buy the odds api, if you want to making the betting system, odds data is very important! The backend of betting system never simple, i guest. Have good times.


Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 160
Requirements Standalone
Support Yes/No


Awesome to see this release free and open source after the previous betting system being overpriced and escrowed!


It will be update more and fully functions. Trust in me, i have experience in betting market, for the online and the offline black betting make, place that don’t have any line code, only paper, pen and knife for the bloods.

This is 100 times better than your 200 eur script. This is actually use API unlike yours, so no need to manually create matches and odds, it loads real matches and real odds automatically.

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Yes it’s very good :smiley:
It just shows you today’s games without betting on them :smiley:
Like a normal betting website xdd

I will complete what i start, tomorrow will have the bet scence, and may be the live streaming match. Now i must play with my friends.

With correct updates, this will be one of the best resources for this year.
Great work :slight_smile:


i press e but ui i don’t work

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Because the world cup is comming, tks bro, i’ll update in day, sure.

you also need to get an apikey on the site and put it in the .js in the html folder


Wil have many features coming, just test it now, many thank for all member interested in it.

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Reaction HEART for ESX, reaction LIKE for QB, that i’ll make first.


Keep selling 200$ manual betting script.
I think you wont be as much sucessful as this guy :smiley:


I don’t know if you are restricted

His script has 30 lines of code, it is currently not working
No bets can be placed

Maybe he’ll continue working tomorrow after his 500 requests are over :smiley:

Our script NKN Betting has been sold several times for price (customer price). It would be unfair for our loyal customers to offer the script cheaper here. Maybe read some replies

Download the mod: https://forum.cfx.re/t/0-24-ibetting-sports-betting-system/4872208

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